Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 51

our advice: ASK DR. CATE Vet Rap by Dr. Ryan Cate Dog Influenza — Pay Attention to Signs and Symptoms Question: Dear Dr. Cate, I read that there have been several cases of canine influ- enza in Texas. Is that something that I should be watching for in my dogs? Answer:  First, there have only been five cases so far in Texas, so it’s not time to panic. However, one of those confirmed cases was in Hood County, so it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs and symptoms and be looking for them in your pet. Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection in dogs caused by one of two different strains of flu virus. The disease isn’t life-threatening in most dogs, with only a 10 percent or less morbidity rate. Cats can also catch the virus, but there have been no feline deaths because of the disease. The virus was first reported in the United States in 2004 and is closely related to the one that causes equine influenza. Since May of 2015, thousands of dogs have been confirmed positive for canine influenza in at least 40 different states. That b Z[ZY ]8&\[[\ܝ[][\›܈]\Y[H܈YۜˈH[X[Yۜ\HY[ۙY^[[\[\\K]HZ[ܛHقH\\][Hٝ [\Y][\H\›]H\ L^\H[[۝ [[X[[H]\X]H]H\]]K[\\HHH^Y\[܈HX^HHY[H]\HܛHوH\\[]H[\[[X[][[HY]\[ܙX\Y\KB]ܞH]\[YܝX][˰[\][[][][[ۚXHYHBXۙ\HX\X[[X[ۋY[\܈]XY\š[ ]X^HYYYYX][ۈ܈[HXۙ\H[X[ۜ[KZ[[[X]ܞHYYX][ۜYXH]\[[[KBX][ۈ\[\[ܙX\YZYY\Y]Y [[[X[[[HXݙ\[YHYZ˂[HH\\\YH۝Y[\]Y[\H\[Y[Hو]Z[[Z]Y\[[X[ZHܜ\ˈ]\[\XK\H\Y[[Z\[ۈ][Z[XHYˈ] ]X][BZ\[ۈ\[XKH\\\Y[[XY[N]\]\HYXHY\Yۘ[Y[[\H[KX[[[[B]\Z\Y[[][H\[\]^HHX˜[]˂\[H[[Y\[۝X[H[H[[Z\[[X[[[ۈX][ۋY[\܈]\˜HY XZH\H][HXZH[\]]\Hو][\][HXY܈HK][XYXB\X۝X]H[[X[8&\Xܙ][ۜYۙY^B[\[܈Y[ˈ\[\]X]Z\XBX\\]H[X][H[XY[[X[XZH\B][YX\\\\HZ[Z[Y\[\]X[B[H[H\HۈX][ۋX[]Y\[HY\[˜HX[ ]\[][H]Y[[[Y\[[[X[\[\ۛ[\ۜ[ݙ\Y\[[X[[X[܈X[[Y\ˈH[Y[B\\[]H܈\^\[H[\ۛY[[\ۈ[[[˂H\][[ۈ܈[\]\YX[KB[ۋHX[H[H][YZYܙHB[Y\]H[[ [[Y[X\\\\وH][H\[\\\[XY\X[\][\\X[HXZ]\ˈ\H\HX[H܈ۛBۙHوH\[Z[]ۛH[\][Y[YBXۙKY[K[\]\˂\ۙ\[\]8&\X[]H\[X[ۈ۝XX\[XK[]ۙ\[Bݙ\Hۘ\Y][[[Z\][H^H\B]^HHYK]\܈\\X\\]Y[YHˈ\و[K\H\HۛHH]\\Y B]HܙX]]Hو^\]]8&\]\HYH[ܜH[]Y\[\[[X[8&\X[