Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 39

First Oncologist Elected to Lead the American Medical Association!!! “There is nothing more important to me as a physician than your cancer treatment. I’ve been in practice for nearly two decades and have had the privilege of telling many patients that there is life beyond cancer. As president of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, I want to lead by example, practicing a firm belief that all patients should receive the finest medical care available, with the same concern and compassion as a cherished member of the family.” Ray Page, D.O., Ph.D. President and Medical Oncologist The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders The last 3 weeks I have been through the “Ironman Triathlon” of medical meetings and I am exhausted. I participated extensively for a six day ‘marathon’ at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, followed by a five day “bike up the side of a volcano” serving as a Delegate of the American Medical Association (AMA), and then spent a couple of days in D.C. “swimming in the surf with the sharks” with Govern- ment Relations on Capitol Hill. At the ASCO meeting I was recognized at the Board meeting for serving as a mentor in our Healthcare Policy Fellowship program. I became the Chair- elect of the Clinical Practice Committee, and was elected to the Nominating Committee. I spoke in an Education Session on the Business of Oncology, and had a couple on scientific presentations on financial conflicts of interest, and the impact of new FDA drug approvals on bundled payment models. A very busy meeting it was. Most importantly, the House of Delegates of the AMA, which I serve to pro- tect the interests of cancer patients and the delivery of cancer care across the country, elected an oncologist to President-elect of the AMA!!! My longtime friend and colleague, Barbara McAneny, M.D., will be the next President of the AMA and is the first oncologist in this role in their 170 year history. She leads an independent cancer center in New Mexico that is very similar to our cancer I lead locally in the Fort Worth region. For the last 15+ years Barbara and I, along with several other likeminded practices across the country, have worked on numerous projects to protect community oncology practices from all the detrimental changes of healthcare laws and policy. As part of the ASCO delegation, our team worked tirelessly over the last year on her campaign. It was highly political, not unlike our presidential election process. We campaigned to dozens of caucuses. With tremendous anticipation, when they announced on the floor that Dr. McAneny won I felt a huge wave of relief and tearful joy that I have not felt in many years (perhaps similar to the birth of my 5th child)!!! I cannot stress enough the importance of Dr. McAneny being at the helm of the AMA and being the most influential physician in the world for a time. The AMA ultimately represents the interests of over 900,000 physicians, but more so the health interests of hundreds of millions of Americans. What makes Dr. McAneny unique? The AMA has a tendency to follow the lead of seasoned academic, corporate, hospital-owned, and institutionalized physicians. Dr. McAneny understands that there are many environments to deliver healthcare. However, I know from working with her personally for many years as a doctor owning a p ]]HXXH]H\[H[YY[][\XX[ZHX۝وH]Y[ \\XX[[][ۜ\ B]Hݙ[H[ݚYH]\[[ܙHYX]H]Y[ X[\Y\HY[\[[\XX[YH[[[H]H[Bܝ\Y]XKY[H\[Y[H[[Ž MMNML ܈ۛ[H]˝X[\ B\ܝ\X\ݚYYN\\H8'HZX'H[\HH\[ݘ][ۈHB[Y][ۈ[\X^H]HX[Y\[X[ۋX\[ܙHX][\\H\Y\܈ۜ[]H\XX[X]H[\XYۛ\۝X\] MˍNM ˂'H۸&][X\Y[X]H\H\[KH[[BH\[Hx'x$\\HX[[KK [X[[x&\\Y[X[X]K[\YX]\XX[\][[\XHSPH[\[]][ۜ]HY][YX]B'Y[8'Hܘ[\]X[][ۜH]Y