Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 34

Though he has painted in acrylics and oils, watercolors, despite their persnickety nature, are his medium of choice.

 “They can be difficult and very unforgiv- ing,” he said. “But I took to them like a ‘duck to water.’ And, of course, I’m still learning.” Milner is self-taught. “I read books and talked to people. I used to watch Bob Ross shows on PBS when I was younger. It just inter- ested me how it all just kinda flowed out of him, you know. He was always ‘happy’ this and ‘happy’ that. You remember Bob Ross?” (Indeed. Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting aired on PBS from 1983 to 1994 and doubtless primed many a young mind with dreams of painting their own masterpieces. The happy painter died in 1995 at 52.)

 Watercolors seem the perfect medium for Milner’s work; the dreamy or fluid quality often achieved with them lends itself incred- ibly well to his nostalgic take on things, his penchant for the past. He contemplates the past.

 “Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to everybody,” Milner said. “You know, I see a pretty good size place and everybody is gone. Sometimes it makes me sad, kinda like with the old trucks and cars I see sitting in the fields — what happened in this thing’s life that made it end up sitting here in a field? With old houses I wonder what the people who lived there were like. Wonder what it looked like when it was new. I wonder when it was built. Things like that.”

 Concerning the future, Milner hopes to earn more and more of his livelihood making “Bible and Saddle” “Old Motorcycle and Sidecare” 32 cé signed me up for an art show there in Weatherford at that little farmers’ market,” Milner recalled. “That was the first art show I ever did, just a little over a year ago. I showed some- thing, won and sold something that day. I really had good response. I got serious about painting right after that.”
 He said his immersion in art helped him over the rough patch; gave him purpose and new goals.

 “I’ve always just given my art pieces to friends and family, but everyone always said I had a God-given talent and that I shouldn’t be wasting it,” said Milner.