Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 17

AND LAST, GET TO KNOW YOUR KIDS — Turn off the tube. Make a pitch- er of home-made lemonade (from scratch), bake a batch of cookies, sit on your porch, count the fireflies and tell them stories of your youth.  Tell them about how it was to be a kid back in the primitive age before cell phones, DVDs, the Gap and MTV. Tell them how you had to open the garage manually, how you had to watch movies on a VCR; and there’s always the one about walking barefoot in the snow to school, uphill, both ways. They won’t be kids for long and summers really aren’t endless. Enjoy their company.   Could be worse It might be surprising to learn how many folks crammed into the Ginza, or chilled up in Moscow, would love to spend some time in the warm and wide open spaces right here at home.  Within an hour’s drive we have a wilderness ethos, a sense of community and, ultimately, all the air conditioning people can afford. There can be no doubt: there are worse places to spend this summer than Parker County, Texas. And, there are many resources to keep the kids safe and active. Or you could leave them at home with cable television, friends their own age and knowledge of where the liquor is kept. What could possibly go wrong? 15