Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 16

9. ATTEND THE PEACH FESTIVAL — Everyone that enters the Peach Pedal gets a free pass to the Peach Festival. The Peach Festival is really the summer showcase of Weatherford. There is much made of cultural homogenizing; but, these events are when small communi- ties can really shine, illuminating the difference between living here and living in big cities. Between 35,000 and 60,000 people attend this. Eating peach ice cream, perusing booths of peach-themed objects d’art while sipping peach juleps, or watching a 42 tournament is all part of the fun — including watch- ing people discover Weatherford. 10. GO FISH — Taking your kids to any of the area lakes, or to the Brazos River, and catching fish can be a source of endless fun, regardless of your child’s age. “Jax and his buddies always love to fish and we love to fish with them,” said John Forest, Jr., whose son is 12 years old. “Jax is quite a fisherman. It’s fun for him and even more fun for us. We’re taking him deep sea fishing next month.” The City of Weatherford has two parks, Cartwright Park and Holland Lake Park, both of which allow fishing. Cartwright has both a fishing dock and boating ramp. The City of Weatherford hosts Kid Fish each year. “If you’re under 16, you don’t have to have a license,” said Shannon Goodwin, the director of parks and recreation for the City of Weatherford. “Park hours are from sunup to sundown.” AND ONE MORE - WEATHERFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY 14 Weatherford Public Library on Charles Street is a jewel in Parker County and a favorite among stay-at-home moms because of all the great activi- ties that the kids can do – for free. Their educational and fun events like their Discovery Station and Summer Film Festival, mixed with their group storytelling, will keep the kids (and their parents) coming back to the library throughout the entire summer. These programs are sponsored by the Friends of Weatherford Public Library through their fundraising efforts. “The Friends [of Weatherford Public Library] work year round to raise both funds and awareness for the Library,” said Paula Nadziejka, Friends of the Weatherford Public Library. “Those funds pay for the Summer Reading Program (and many other things at the Library) which provides a summer-long, free educational enrichment program for kids. Last year we served over 1,900 kids.”  The library is not just for educational events, fun events like their Preschool Dance Party, a dance party for kids seven and younger, and Teen Legion: Gamer’s Circle, a way for your teen to hang out and play video games with other teens, gets the kids out of the house to hang out with other kids, without putting a dent in your wallet. Along with their summer program, the library gives access to over 90,000 items.With free internet access, the possibilities of fun are endless.