Parker County Today July 2017 - Page 14

Continued from page 8 6. EXPLORE, IN THE LAND OF DINOSAURS — The kids will especially like Dinosaur Valley just outside of Glen Rose. Children, bless their hearts, just love dinosaurs, and really, what’s not to love? They were a species that, in their power and stupidity, make humans look pretty good. Hiking the trails through the park and finding the footprints left by dinosaurs long, long ago is a real “kick” for them, and so is scaling the hilly trails. Folks desiring a more refined sleepover might look to Fossil Rim, not far from Dinosaur Valley. Fossil Rim sprawls across 1,800 acres where diverse exotic creatures such as zebras and rhinos wander over the veldt. There are enough splen- did accommodations to make anyone feel like John Wayne in Hatari!. They also offer “Ride the Rim” mountain-bike tours that bring guests of various skill levels close up to nature. In PARKER COUNTY 7. TAKE A HIKE — Rails To Trails, Soldier Springs Park, Cartright Park and Mineral Wells State Park. They all have excellent trails that you can explore for however long you’d like. Take an hour or a day to hit the trail. It’s good for you and them. Get those endorphins going, have a conversation, bring the family dog, snap some pictures. Bring along some top-shelf steaks, shitake mushrooms, and cook a gourmet dinner together under the stars. Who knows? It may be habit forming. You could find your- selves looking for increasingly challenging trails and hiking long after summer has ended. Climb a mountian. It’s bound to beat climbing the walls. Okay, maybe not mountains, but some pretty good hills and cliffs are available for scaling at Mineral Wells State Park. Weatherford Hike-And-Bike Trail Town Creek Hike and Bike Trails are a great way to get your exercise while looking at Mother Nature. Opened in 2011, the hike and bike trail is 3.15 miles of paved way for the outdoor enthusiast in everyone. The trails have four head locations to start; Weatherford Police Department, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce, Holland Lake Park and Bose Ikard Elementary. From each location, the participant can track the miles they bike, run, and walk. Make it a full day of fun by stopping by Flying Tire Bicycles, and picking up one of their custom-made baskets, (the Yesterday’s basket is to die for!) and hit the nature-filled trails that Weatherford Parks and Recreation have to offer. 12 Put Your Sights on Fort Grard If archery is more you thing, head down to Fort Grard and their 27 acre outdoor archery range to fire a few arrows. This built from the ground up facility has their outdoor range that offers a 40 ft. elevated shooting tower, 3D in the woods, and moving targets. Their 12,000 sq. ft. building is an archers dream with archery and gun sales, tournaments, le agues and kids camps. Let the little archer in your family come out and hone their skills, while you hang out in their OK Corral.