Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 78

our careers: CAITLIN MACRAE Stirred But Never Shaken BY ABIGAIL GIEGER JULY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY S he’s one of those people who never seem to get rattled, no matter how hectic her work is, regardless of how much drama surrounds her and in the restaurant business there is always drama. Maybe it’s her combat training kicking in. Macrae signed up to enter the United States Marine Corps at 17, so now as Bar Manager of Vintage Grill & Car Museum, she’s no stranger to hard work. “It gave me a purpose. Gave me stability,” she said. Merely a week after graduating high school, MacRae shipped out when she was 18 and served four years of active duty and four years of inactive duty. As a Marine, she served as an administrator for both the embassy overseas and for the headqua rters of a security firm that guards embassies all over the world. She worked in North Carolina for a little over a year for a Marine Support Squadron. “The biggest thing I learned being in the Marines was unity,” she said. “Because you can get people from all walks of life together and make a huge impact on something regardless if they even have training in it. If you have enough motivation and training, you can do whatever you want. Anything you set your mind to, you can accomplish. You have to have the right resources and you have to make those resources. You can’t just stand there and let it happen; you have to make it happen. They [Marine Corps] refuse to let you give up no matter what. So I just apply that to everything.” MacRae moved to Texas while still in the Marines and picked up bartending during the last six months of her service. “I was really bored and I knew I needed to set myself up for when I got out, so I put my resume together and started going to bartending school,” MacRae said. Though she is no longer in the 76 Caitlin Macrae, Cocktail Goddess at Vintage Grill & Car Museum CAITLIN MACRAE Marines, a great deal of what she learned while serving as a Marine she puts into practice in her life as a civilian. “It’s everything. I am a firm believer that being in the Marines and being exposed to things like camaraderie and the sense of belonging, it almost changes your genetic makeup as a person because you instantly get a reality check. So even though you are one individual, you can make a difference; when you tie that into everything else you can make a huge difference,” she said. “So like here I am just the bar manager, but when you put me and all my coworkers together, we’re able to run the whole entire restaurant efficiently. So it just shows that one person can make a huge difference, especially when you combine everyone together. It is also just determination that Marines are very stubborn, so I refuse to fail.” The “don’t give up” attitude followed her into all of her bartending PHOTO BY MEGAN PARKS jobs including her work at Vintage. “I was working at On the Border and I wanted more hours. So I printed out an application for Vintage and I knew the previous bartender and he put in a good word for me,” she said. “And I started working at Vintage part-time. Then when they needed a bar manager, I felt like I could do the job so I quit On the Border and started to work full-time as the bar manager in May 2015. I’d heard that the service was good and the food was of good quality and I decided to come over and take a chance. Also, I was tired of salsa.” As a bartender, MacRae has a great deal of leeway when it comes to making her creations interesting. “I bartend to keep myself busy and the good thing about it is that I can be creative. At Vintage, I get to make all these different recipes and different things to sell to the public and sometimes it succeeds,” Mac-