Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 77

Open year. During the Big City cycle only attorneys from Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin are selected to run. Every other city falls into the Small City category. “In the open years anybody can run,” said Vick. “But most of the time in those open years they tend to be lawyers from big cities. It’s a whole lot easier, obviously, if you work for a 500-person law firm who’s going to pay you a big salary the whole time you’re being the bar president; they’re just happy you’re doing it.” Vick added that most people practicing family law are in small firms or operate as solo practitioners. The same applies to criminal defense lawyers. “That’s probably why it’s taken a long time for those people to be elected,” he concluded. According to a SBT press release: “Vick received nearly 55 percent of the 17,935 votes cast during the month-long voting period that ended May 2. His opponent, Michael C. Smith, a partner in the Marshall office of Siebman, Burg, Phillips & Smith, LLP, received 7,879 votes or 44 percent. Write-in candidates composed 1 percent of the votes cast.” Vick said that he won this district with 76 percent of the vote and the Fort Worth district with 72 percent. He also took every district “west and south of Dallas, except for Corpus,” which was a “toss-up.” “So was Dallas,” he added. As Vick gears up for his new duties he’s already thinking about a couple of issues: Sunset legislation and the “Justice Gap.” State agencies in Texas come under Sunset review every 10 years when the Legislature scrutinizes them for effectiveness and opportunities for improvement. The Justice Gap is “the issue of access to justice for lower income Texans and their ability to navigate the courthouse, to have their problems resolved in our legal system,” said Vick. He said that while the extremely poor have access to taxdollar-supported legal aid, another group of people fall into the Justice Gap — those who make too much money to qualify for legal aid services but don’t have enough to hire a private lawyer, which, of course, hinders their access to the full benefits of the legal system. Vick said, “The current president, Frank Stevenson, is working on some programs to [address] that, and I’ve been working with him and will continue to work with him [on] how we address that Justice Gap. [But] those are problems that won’t go away any time soon.” A partner at Vick Carney LLP in Weatherford, Gabe Thomas Vick, Jr. has a long association with the community. In addition to practicing law here for decades, at age 27 he served as the city’s mayor and has served two terms on the Weatherford ISD School Board. Law is a family affair for Vick, the son of a lawyer. His son, Gabe Thomas Vick III, practices law in Houston (as does his wife). “There’s also a Gabe Thomas Vick IV,” Vick added. “He’s only 2, but he goes to daycare with the kids of other lawyers … So there you have it.” We’re Proud to be Your Neighbor Southside Bank has been serving our neighbors since 1960. Today, we’re here to help you with a full range of financial services. Our staff is dedicated to finding solutions to your unique needs. Stop by or call our Weatherford location today! Weatherford Branch 318 South Main Weatherford, TX 76086 JULY 2016 Personal Banking • Mortgages • Commercial Banking Southside Weatherford Leadership Team: Teresa Turnage, Landon Brim, Shawn McCage and Tim Carter PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY (817) 367-5413 | 75