Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 62

our culture: ART A Walk On The Creative Side BY MEL W RHODES A technical-minded computer pro gets in touch with his right-brain creativity to slow things down a bit I JULY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY t’s not unusual nowadays for people to refer to themselves as being right or left “brainers,” indicating which hemisphere of the marvelous organ seems to dominate how they think, determines whether they are more analytical or creative. Benbrook’s Jerry Shidal spent his career as a software developer — a true left-brainer. But that is just part of who he is. “I retired about eleven years ago, and being a technical person all my career, I decided that when I retired I wanted to try to do something with the other side of my brain, the creative side,” he said. 60 “From Father To Son”