Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 59

suffered from early in his life Stevie’s legs are slightly bowed which affects his stride. Without Mary’s help Stevie might never have gotten the opportunity to walk. Mary says she would not change anything about her experience with Stevie, saying that, “Even if he never would [have] been able to walk, I would [have] kept him anyway.” Despite Stevie’s inspiring story he is not the only animal Mary has rescued over the years. Mary also has two other cats — Monica and Mimi. In the same way she felt called to save Stevie she also felt called to save Mimi. Mimi had been trapped in the middle of a briar bush located in an abandoned lot behind Belk. Just like Stevie she saved this cat and gave it the love it needed to prosper. Mary and her husband Paul Savona have become saviors for many animals in Parker County, not just cats Stevie, Mimi and Monica. “Whenever someone leaves town or they are getting rid of their animals they end up at my house,” Mary said. Her open-door animal policy has landed her with not just the three cats, but also two dogs, one cockatoo, one parrot, two lovebirds, and six fish. This family’s latest addition is a beta fish that Mary acquired recently at a garage sale. To each of these animals she has extended her resources and her unfailing love. Stevie Wonder was lucky to have found Mary. Her love and support are what ultimately helped Stevie push past his disabilities. While Stevie Wonder will never have the full strength in his legs that other cats do, he along with all of his other animal housemates will always have the love of their friend and owner Mary Savona to support them through anything else that comes their way. Stevie Wonder Cat is truly a survivor. Mary and Paul Savona with Stevie Dr. Sweatt • Dr. McLeod • Dr. Hutchins JULY 2016 8283 FM 920 • Weatherford, Texas • 817-458-3355 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY EQUINE • LIVESTOCK CANINE • FELINE 57