Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 58

our pets: SURVIVOR The Amazing Survival of Stevie Wonder Cat JULY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY STORY AND PHOTOS BY EMMA MOORMAN 56 Beating the Odds As newborns we will never be more innocent. When we are first born we have not yet been subjected to the cruelties of this world. Stevie Wonder Cat’s security and the warmth of his mother’s protection was ripped away from him by a neighborhood bully, an alpha-male tom cat who attacked him. Stevie would have been dead before he even had the chance to actually live had it not been for an animal savior named Mary Savona. It was Mary’s daughter and her husband who initially found the newborn kitten under their shed. When Mary examined him, she said, “I could tell something was wrong. He had a large gruesome wound on his back and he kept swinging his head back and forth like he couldn’t see anything.” Further examination revealed the kitten’s legs weren’t functioning properly. To most people the idea of even attempting to offer care to a possibly paralyzed and blind kitten would be daunting. But it didn’t deter Mary, who was driven by her kindhearted and loving nature. She didn’t even consider giving up on little Stevie. After caring for the back wound to ensure it did not become infected she began giving Stevie a sort of kitten physical therapy. Each day she would take Stevie’s fragile legs and rock them back and forth in order to imitate a cat’s natural walking pattern. Over time this therapy enabled little Stevie Wonder to walk again. Now, at 6 months old, little Stevie Wonder is still the loving kitten he has always been. Despite the therapy, Stevie still walks slightly different from the average cat, but he does walk. Stevie Wonder managed to regain his sight, although Mary is not completely sure how his sight returned to him. She’s only glad it did. Because of the traumatic experience he