Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 53

a tree limb by a single toe; and scale steel poles with sheer abandon. And the truly amazing part is that he works for peanuts. In the third ring of the circus are the Flying Fur Brothers. These intrepid performers work their way to the very end of a branch, then launch themselves into space in the general direction of a feeder. They land safely atop the object of their desire a remarkable percentage of the time and patiently try again if they miss. One way to assert your role as Ringmaster is to provide challenges that you actually want the squirrels to figure out. To this end there are various platforms and perches that are squirrel friendly, as well as boxes that they must open to retrieve their treats (one at a time) and Ferris wheeltype corncob feeders that take them for a spin when they reach for the corn. Pick up some in-shell peanuts, corncobs, and cracked corn or even a squirrel swing or “chair” that allows the squirrel to sit at the table and eat like the “king” he or she thinks they are. Happy dining whether bird or squirrel! There are various approaches to foiling these persistent little creatures. If you have a suitable location, the best approach is to use a squirrel baffle and follow the feeder placement strategy diagrammed on the previous page. In a nutshell, squirrels can leap at least eight feet horizontally and four feet vertically, so feeders need to be eight feet away from objects on the sides and four feet off the ground. Hanging feeders need baffles on top and pole-mounted feeders need baffles on the bottom. That system works fine for most people. But some people may not have the space to keep their feeder a safe distance from objects or they want to view their birds up close and personal. If that’s the case, a squirrelresistant feeder is a great solution. These feeders prevent squirrels from gaining access via cages or springs that drop a protective shield over the seed supply when a squirrel or heavy bird reaches the feeding platform. Those who have dealt with squirrels for years know it helps to have a sense of humor. While you have jobs to go to, they have the whole day to devote to finding new ways to get a free meal at your feeders. No system is foolproof, and most take some finetuning from time to time. em? or HATE em? For the Squirrel Haters! 20% OFF All Squirrel PCTSH LOVE Proof Baffles & Feeders Must present coupon. One per customer. Not valid with other offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 7/31/16. Either way, they’re here to stay and we’ve got you covered! S NTER Wild Bird Center of Weatherford | Weatherford Ridge 325 Adams Dr., Ste 309 • Weatherford, 76086 • (817) 776-5253 20% OFF All Squirrel Swings & Food for our Squirrel Lovers! PCTSL W C E NEW STORE between Michael’s & TJ Maxx! For the Squirrel Lovers! Must present coupon. One per customer. Not valid with other offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 7/31/16. PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY D ® JULY 2016 If you have trees in your yard, and most of us do, sooner or later you will have squirrels. People either love them or hate them. We cater to both! Stop in for an extensive selection of squirrel proof deterent feeders, baffles and even seed! For those who love these furry creatures, pick up some cracked corn, swings, peanuts, tables and more. Discover YOUR better backyard bird D BIR feeding experience at the Wild Bird Center of Weatherfod. IL 51