Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 111

fly away. “He said, ‘I can fly! I can fly from here to that tree over there!’” Hale said with a laugh. “We had to convince him that he really couldn’t fly. He had such a vivid imagination and we even laugh about it with him now.” Patsy Hale officially moved out of the house for the last time in 2006 but returned later to do her first book signing there. The most recent owners, Paula and Greg Nadziejka, sold her book at the tour of homes. “Paula’s done a great job with her decorating. Everyone has a different style and taste. It’s really pleased me that some of the same things that I liked are going in and that she likes them, too,” Hale said. “… Paula and Greg are going to do columns on the balconies as well. They are also thinking about building another deck out there. Because it was moved, it was limited in what you could do. It had lattice work and I always thought the back was more beautiful than the front, especially with the pool and everything.” Hale still visits the house and has developed a friendship with the current owners. “Paula and Greg, they plan to stay there until they die,” she said. “They’ve got about 14 acres around the house. And Paula is such a sweet person. She’s the one who approached the historical society and the tour of homes. She has some wonderful plans for the future for the house.” Now a Florida resident, Patsy Hale comes to see her children in Texas, driving 14 hours to visit. “Of course it used to be 12, but now you’ve got all the traffic once you hit Texas,” Hale said, laughing. She used to drive the entire 14 hours in one trip, but her children now insist she stop when it gets dark and drive the rest of the way later only after she’s had a good night’s sleep. The house, of course, will always be a part of her. Her children grew up there. Her mother lived there for 10 years and her daughter was married at the house. The memories are what continue to connect her to the home she built with her family. “I like the memories there and I think Paula does, too. That’s probably why she reached out to me,” she said with a smile. “Making it my home was the people I filled it with.” As of this article, Paula and Greg Nadziejka have added all wood flooring to the third floor and wooden shutters to the interior of all the first floor windows. They are in the final stages of picking out all the pieces and parts needed to remodel the kitchen, butler’s pantry and breakfast room to create a “bigger, more modern family space.” The land and location are a large part of what drew them to the house. “It was so nice to find this house that was so beautiful on this land,” Paula said. “We have the feeling of privacy and seclusion with all the convenience of neighbors and nearby stores. We love it.” Patsy Hale is the Author of, “He Heard His Brother Call His Name.” To learn more go to JULY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 109