Parker County Today July 2016 - Page 110

JULY 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Continued from page 72 there and we had two girls, of course, and he was so thoughtful. Every time he would walk up the stairs he would whistle to let them know he was coming, just in case. You know girls.” In a way that honored their visitor, the Hales incorporated something of him into the third floor of the house. “My husband just had to have this huge Jacuzzi, and of course it flooded a few times. But he put a base on it and we made it match the columns and over it was a Jewish symbol. David was there when we did it and it’s still there today. We did that because he had been so much help and he was a part of the family,” she said. The Hales had various celebrations there including their eldest daughter’s wedding, a pig race one Thanksgiving, and a family reunion. Their daughter, Jennifer, was married in the living room, with people seated in the foyer, dining room, and sun room, all of which were connected. And they had a red wood deck that was 2,500 square feet on the back of the house with seating where people could go out and sit to eat cake. By the time Patsy sold the house, the deck needed to be replaced because of the sealing. They added two more balconies and four bedrooms on the second floor. The Hales ended up having to replace the insulation because when the house was built insulation was cottonseed. “We wouldn’t have been able to get insurance, so we had to take out three layers of that,” Hale said. They stripped the floor as well and finished it. There were still a few burn places in front of the fireplace, “but it gives it character.” While they renovated the house, Hale was left without a kitchen. “And as you know, back at that time the kitchens were more for the cooks and the maids and they were not particularly big and they weren’t very nice. So I had to really do a biggie on the kitchen. We didn’t want to move it … but what we did was we opened up the butler’s pantry and left it like it was and then redid the room with an opening to the sunroom. We left the brick wall in the sunroom like 108 the original and just put in some new windows to let the light in. We wanted to be able to see all the pretty oak trees around the house.” This of course left the Hales without a kitchen for quite a while. Patsy Hale found herself often cooking for at least 13 people a night for 14 months before the kitchen was finished. “I always had about 13 or more people to feed by the time my kids brought friends home. That was one of the reasons we built the pool, to get the kids interested,” she said. “Of course we had a host of teenagers there knocking the walls out and huge trash containers to put everything in. The youth helped out a lot and my husband would pay them. Then we’d have pizza parties.” Having a husband that was good with his hands was also a plus as they restored the old house. “My husband was very good with his hands. At the time they put material on the