Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 83

good window for viewing. Others live in apartment build- ings with balconies or townhouses with decks that aren’t large enough for the requisite space. There is a solution to them too. There are squirrel-proof feeders that prevent squirrels from gaining access to the seed no matter where the feeder is placed. Some are protected by wire grids that are too small to allow the squirrel to get to the actual feed tube. Others are designed to allow lightweight birds to feed, but close off access when something as heavy as a squirrel lands on the feeder. Those who have dealt with squirrels for years know that it helps to have a sense of humor. While you have jobs to go to, they have the whole day to devote to finding ways to get a free meal at your feeders. No system is foolproof, and most take some fine tuning from time to time. Most people who feed birds consider squirrels a delight- ful fringe benefit and some even throw a handful of sunflower seed on the ground when they fill their feed- ers or feed them ears of corn on special feeders. It’s a win-win for all! 81