Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 8

100 Most Interesting Parker County People You Should Meet Before You Die PART 1 OF 4 For the seventh year, we at Parker County Today have compiled our Social Bucket List. These are some of the most interesting and extraordinary people you should meet before you die. This year's list includes volunteers, artists, actors, musicians, coaches, businessmen and women, and others who have found success in their own way. Enjoy! Deborah Romack teaching at the high school or college level. If I go all the way back to when I was attending college, my back up profession would have been to become a pilot in the Navy and fly ܈HYH[[BXܘZXX\B[ۙ\[[\قX]\ܙY]X[[Z[H[\K][H[[\^H™^O‘^H[ܛ[]HٙXH\]KK[[] H K[[Y\ˈH[ܛ\و[\[[\H[Y[[[[ B[ܛۜ[\[[\\])^HXZ[\\Xܘ][]\XX[X]]Y[]؜X]HY\\XHHٙ\[[Hܘ[\X[H\\KH[›ٙ\8'Z\^HY[x'Hܝ۝X™܈[[ Y\ H[Y[ˈ\š[Y\Y][ۘ[X\\[\[\[Yۋ[[\[[X^BYYX\H[\[[ۈ[\YB\ܛوH]ˈHۜY\\XXHH[Z\^H[X”XXKY[H][\\KB\‘H\H\[^H[Z[H˜][YH[ܚY܈B[\[H[ ]\ HYHXYH^HܚY[[[قXZ[H[\[[XY[[YX][ۋH]YY]\[\]ܚ]B[X][\؏‘^H]ܚ]H[˜X]^H؈\[[›^H]Y[XY]Hݙ\[X[[[\وۛHHܘ[]]H]وH[\HKHݙBH[\X[ۈ]B]Y[[Z[XB\H܈[H\Y^B\H[Z[K܈ LYX\[[X\H[\]ۋ H[XYY]\^[܈YHو[\H܈\YX\[]HY[H[\܈H\ NHYX\[ݙH] ]\[\X\؈Y[B\[&][\\[\‘^HX\ٙ\[ۈ[B]]H[BX\Y[\Z[[\Y[‘H]HX\Y[۝[YHX\X[HY\[\Xو^Hٙ\[ۋ[\H\›ۙ\H8'[[[8'Hٙ\B[ۈ]\YKH[H\HX]B[۝[Z[YX][ۈ\\]]H]؜X]HY\\XH[[[[Y[[[B[[Y]\HH[\BRHܝ۝X܈[[[Y[]H[H]YX]K