Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 75

as a concrete company, founded by brothers Theodore Creswell Pulliam and Frank “Pop” Pulliam in 1914. “In those days, there was no such thing as a dedicated swimming pool contractor, so if you wanted a pool you called a cement contrac- tor,” Smith said. “They started build- ing cement cattle dipping vats and it evolved from there. Both were so successful at constructing the water- proof vats that they were asked to design and build the first pool in Coryell County in 1916.” Fast forward to 2018, Pulliam Pools now serves Parker County with a 14,000-square-foot showplace, offering hundreds of samples, from tile to coping, to even a state-of-the- art pool for display, helping custom- ers get an idea of what they will actu- ally have in their own backyard. They have not only survived, but thrived, while becoming a nationally-recog- nized name in the industry. In looking for a new location, Smith knew that she wanted to stay in the Hudson Oaks area. So, Stacy Lynch showed Smith a property in Hudson Oaks that would allow Pulliam Pools the opportunity to start from the ground up and build the facilities exactly the way she envi- sioned it. The design of the building was the handiwork of Smith’s daugh- ter Reva. “She’s [Reva] had a knack for design since she was seven when she decorated her own room,” Smith said. “The design was not what I had in mind, but I decided to let her take it over. It’s very modern and industri- al and is like what we do in construc- tion, so the design fits very well.” The office wasn’t complete with- out its own pool for customers to daydream about having in their own backyards. The show pool has a remote to demonstrate to customers all the functions their pools are capa- ble of, while at the storefront. It’s a hands-on experience that shows why Pulliam Pools is so good at building pools. Looking toward the future, Smith wants to continue to grow the busi- ness while being smart about it. It’s a strategy that has served Smith well, thus far. At this rate, Pulliam Pools will be around for another 100 years. shing ouches BJ Hayley 817.233.9288 BJ Hayley BJ Hayley 817.233.9288 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley- Female Contractor bj@finishingtouches. Interior & Exterior Touches Touches Interior & Exterior Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting Kitchen & Hayley Bath Remodels Interior & Exterior Interior & Exterior Kitchen & Bath Remodels BJ Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Remodels Bath Remodels www.FinishingTouches.Pro B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro or & Exterior Residential Painting Bath Remodels b Our Food, Your Home! Call 817-599-3907 For All Your Catering Needs emale Contractor ingTouches.Pro 1921 S. Main St. | Weatherford, TX | 817.599.4229 73