Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 63

Jacy Guynes — State Farm Insurance  You could say that Jacy Guynes has been in the insur- ance industry her entire life. Her father was a State Farm agent in Snyder for 34 years. Growing up, she couldn’t decide between being a teacher or a State Farm agent. She graduated college with a teaching degree, taught for one year and then started working for State Farm the following summer in auto claims. She did that until 1998 and after a company reorganization was transferred to Plano. She celebrates 23years as an official State Farm agent in May of 2018.  A teacher at heart, when she visits with customers she asks questions to learn more about them and their needs, and then educates them on what they need to fulfill those needs. She wanted to own her own business not long after her first child was born.  “Once Charles and I had our first son, I knew I wanted to become a business owner,” Guynes said. “I couldn’t imagine having to miss a field trip or class party because I Mackenzie Prather — ­ Prather Insurance Agency Focus: Farm and Ranch Protecting Your Family’s Heritage and Assets and ranch insurance. With her history in agriculture, it was a no-brainer to say “yes.”  “He needed someone to help with the farm and ranch side. I got my Masters in Agriculture from Tarleton State, so I knew that I always wanted to do something ag-relat- ed. I enjoy the farm and ranch side.” She also specializes in commercial insurance and is getting more into retire- ment and life insurance.  American National Insurance Company was founded in 1905 and has evolved into a well-respected member of the life insurance industry. They offer every type of insur- ance including auto, commercial, home, farm and ranch, along with life and retirement planning. After more than a century in business, American National is strong and prosperous with a network of agents that stretches across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and provides service to more than 5 million policyholders.  Prather knows what farmers and ranchers need insur- ance-wise to be best covered. She is also educated in retirement and planning for the future. There are a few insurance changes in the upcoming year in homeowner’s policies, along with some revamped farm and ranch poli- cies new to 2018. Prather said that she is looking forward to the upcoming year, and can’t wait to continue helping her current and new clients. Mackenzie Prather loves what she does for a living. This Parker County native and Brock resident sells commer- cial, as well as farm and ranch insurance for American National Insurance Company. For her, agriculture-related insurance is a perfect fit. Before her current position she worked in 4-H for several years, and after that for Superior Livestock. It was while she was at Superior Livestock that she was approached to sell farm wasn’t able to take the time off. Being a wife and mother has always been my top priority and being a State Farm agent allows that to happen.” State Farm was founded in 1922 and is a mutual company that makes the primary focus its policyho  B\˰]H\H[]]YK[Y\X[ YKX[[\[H[[X˰]\H\\]][YH[\\[H[]Y]\[\]Y\ۙH\HYH[\[H\[K\H\Hݙ\ M Y[XܛH][ۋۘH[H\H]]H\B[\[KY[H[ݙK^x&\HXH[[H[[\Y[ \]\[H\K^[\XX[^\[\][]\Y\[BX]\Z[H]Z\YY\KH\[[Y]Y\[ۜ\[\\[H\]Y\[ۜB]]H\H[Z[[[\[Hܝ[\YۈXX\Y\&\]X][ۋ[H]YX\^[\œY\[[][[\\[Y[[܋B[]H]Y]]^H\H\\[ˈYX\Y[وH\[Y\\YYH[YHXY\[ݙ\BYX\]\[YY\[XY\ٙ\[Y\[ݙ\Y\˂H[[\Y\\Y\XH[[X[X[]HوH\[H^H\HۜY\[ܚ[][ۙ]Z\\Y\][˂'ۜ[Y\\\HHYXHو\\ HXJK[[^HYY\H]XKYH\[H^B\H]\[[X[HXH^HZ\Z[\܈YZ\Z[\\\HYX\K[Y][Y\]8&\ܝ[[H]H[ܙH܈]X\]K8'H^[\œZY