Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 61

Paschall Insurance Group — Where Customer Service Meets Community Service Paul Paschall has always been the kind of guy that people turn to when things go wrong in their lives and he finds it rewarding to help people face challenges. Clearly, head- ing up a successful insurance firm in a warm, friendly, albeit rapidly-growing market like Parker County is the perfect fit. “The secret to my success is surrounding myself with great people and just being a life-long learner,” Paschall said. “It has very little to do with me. If God’s given me any talent or my ability, it’s the gift of building a great team and then getting out of their way and letting them do their jobs.” “I love to support and help out,” Pascall said. He wasted no time rolling up his sleeves and helping out. He moved to Parker County in 2005 and was elected to the WISD Board of Trustees in 2006. He was appoint- ed as Board President in June, 2013 and served until Jeff O’Neal — Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Continued on page 67 nization of more than 500,000 member-families, which had its beginnings in 1933. Members enjoy the benefits of political representation and savings on a variety of servic- es. They also provide college scholarships, because we know that our youth are our future. O’Neal sells auto, home, life, and farm and ranch, taking care of his customers’ every insurance need and focuses on them equally. For the New Year, he believes that every insured person should have an annual review of their policies with their agent, not only to discover possible missing discounts, but also to correct the most common misconceptions about the insurance industry. “An example would be ‘my trailer is covered while it is hooked to my truck.’ While this is true for liability purposes, it is not true for physical damage unless the trailer is specifically listed. When your car is broken in to, the contents stolen are not covered by your auto policy. They are covered under your home or renters policy. Most customers have a general knowledge of insurance, but tend to rely ݡЁѡ䁉ٔѼՅɽݡ)ѡ䁡ٔaɐѡɽ՝ѡɅ٥dɅѡȁѡͭ)ѡȁɅɽͥtͅ)?e9́ɕѥɕ٥܁ȴ)̰ɕɑ́ݡԁɔݥѠ)!ݥݡЁٕɅԁٔɕ)ѥ́䁍́ѡЁ͡ձQ)ͽ͕٥́ݡЁ́?e9хЁɽ)ѡȁɅ̸!ݽձeЁٔЁ䁽ѡ)݅))?e9)ѡȴ)ͥ(ԁЁQ́ɴ) ɕԁ%Ʌ!)ЁѼѡ)ѼɽѕЁѡ)չ䁡ٕ)ɽ)ѕѥ)ͅѕȸ+q]ѡȁЁ́)͔ɔѼ)Ёȁѡչѥ)Ѡٕ)$݅ЁѼѡ)Ё)ѡЁЁݡɕٕ́ѡ́)ɽt)Q́ɴ ɕԁ%Ʌȁ)ѡɝЁQ̵͕Ʌɽ٥ȁѼ)ɽ䰁ɴɅѠɅQ䁡)́ѡɥٕͭ́呅䁱)Ёѡѥٕ́́ѡȁɕЁɝ鄴)ѥQ́ɴ ɕԀQQ́Ʌɽ́ɝ)́ѕɴɕԸ!ͼ͕ٕ́ ɐY)AɕͥЁɽĴ́ ɐMɕх䁙ɽ(ܴĸ)A͍éٽɥєѼ̰qQ՝ѥ́eЁ)ɕٕȁЁѽ՝t)!͕́ѼٔЁȁɥѕ)́ѡЁхݥѠ=́ͥ啕̰)́܁͔݅́͡ɽѠѡ)ɴЁ͔ͽи)́ȁɕ́ѡɅͥ́ѡЁA͍)́ӊéɕ䁵Սи+q]ٕѡЁѠͅ䳊t)A͍ͅq]ЁɍɅ а)ݔeЁЁɥаݗeѕԁݡɔѼt)A͍Ʌѕ́̀Ѡٕͅ䁥ѡȴ)ͥ́ѡ́啅ȸѥٔ%٥ѡչ)Ёȁɽѡ̰́Ʌɕȁ)ѡ1ե٥ݕȁ5չɕѡѼAɭ) չȁ啅́+q%Ʌ́'eٕٔȁͥ$ЁЁ)ɅՅє͍ЁQɱѽtA͍ͅq'eٔ݅)ݽɭȁ͕t)ɥѽȁA͍ЁɅ͍)ѕɕѽ݅ɐɕȁѡɅ丁%(