Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Me Too! But, really — Who Cares? W hen the whole Me Too movement came to light, I had mixed emotions. Yeah, the thought of middle aged guys trying to force themselves on young starlets is beyond repugnant, but there are some aspects of the whole, “Let’s unite, speak out and give a medal to everyone who cries sexual harass- ment,” that is almost as distasteful. The question I have is why would a teen- aged girl go to a movie producer’s hotel room, alone, for an audition? Don’t these girls have mothers? Don’t they have dads? I can picture myself at 15 saying to my father, “Daddy, I’m going alone to the hotel room of a middle-aged movie producer to try out for a role in his next picture. See ya.” His reaction would not have been pretty. When I saw that Time Magazine named “The Silence Breakers” 2017’s Person of the Year, I began to view the whole thing as a little bit silly. Wait! Please don’t judge me yet — at least hear me out first, or maybe I should say, read me out. I see this trend as people who want to be a part of something — anything that will make them feel special without doing any real work. Wear a T-Shirt, march and suddenly you feel like you’re Rosa Parks — without actually doing anything that requires courage, or work or substance. The uber-emotional video that accom- panies the Time Magazine announcement is offensive. It implies that women are finally sending a message that sexual harassment and rape is not OK. My problem is this — when was sexual harassment and rape in the US ever OK? Never. The second problem I have with the video was when one of the alleged victims made the statement, “They wanted me to actually prove that this happened to me.” REALLY?!!! Gee, they actually want an accuser to prove a serious charge before ruin- ing the life of the accused? They (whoever “they” happen to be) seem to be laboring under the assumption that in America everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Silly “they.” The statements politicians have been making about the “Me Too,” movement include, “I believe the women.” Really? Which women do you believe? Until there is a trial should you believe any and all accusers? Do you think that anyone should be deprived of his company, his job or his livelihood, because a woman made a claim that he was naughty to her 10, 20, or even 40 years ago? Should anyone lose their career over something that, at this late date, cannot possibly be proven beyond a r