Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 52

ing, but it is much harder to do that here due to the massive ranch lands surrounding Weatherford. Ballooning is a “trespasser sport” as you never know exactly where you will wind up due to the wind controlling your path. PCT: For what would you most like to be remembered? RH: I’d like to be remembered as a kind and good father to my kids, but I am sure that my numerous projects kept me away from family life enough to deny me that honor. Still trying, now that I am more of a homebody. PCT: If you could choose to have lunch with anyone living or dead from history, who would be? RH: My top three are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Albert Einstein. PCT: If you had to do another job other than what you’re doing, what would you choose? RH: I’d love to teach again! Maybe some place like Weatherford College. My father was the dean at WC for many years before my mother pushed him to go to work for General Dynamics. I think he always regretted leaving Weatherford College. I think it would be nice to help him out with that desire. I think he would approve. 50 PCT: What is your impact to Parker County? RH: Hard to know! When I first moved SFX home to Weatherford, I was able to hire some 20 people but now I do only special projects and hire in day help as needed. I’m pretty much invisible despite my 150’ long two-story building on I-20. People are always amazed to find out what I do here. When they ask I just tell them, “I kill people and blow things up for a living.” PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever? RH: “My idea of a great day is to have the opportunity to work on a really significant feature film that asks me to blow up really big things ... regularly. Few problems in life cannot be resolved with the proper application of explosives!” PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give someone starting out in your field? RH: “I’m afraid my exact line of work is somewhat a dying art form. Sadly, the computer-generated video effects (CGI) are taking over the production world. It is cheaper and easier. Unfortunately, many of these effects translate into “Low Production Values,” i.e., they suck. Pardon my French! Less cynically, .... Become a jack of all trades. Education and math are key. My work calls for me to be a crack shot, a diver, a carpenter, an electrician, a welder, and engineer, a fireman, a pilot as well as the “boring stuff,” like being a business man, an accountant, a negotiator and paper pusher. It’s all super important and if you skip any aspect, you are not well-rounded and will miss out on a lot. A lot of jobs ... and a lot of fun!” PCT: What is the coolest thing you have ever done in your life? RH: Seriously ... with my work histo- ry, being blessed with the opportunity to be there when all three of my chil- dren were born. It could have worked out differently but I wouldn’t allow it. Jennifer Lundy Jennifer is the owner of Short Chef Creations and Short Chef’s Coffee House & Bistro. She was also a dessert chef at our 2017 Sweet Charity and Bachelorettes event PCT: What is your favorite novel? JL: Almost any crime or mystery novel. PCT: What do you do to decompress? JL: I love sitting on my front porch visiting with friends. PCT: What is something people don’t know about you? JL: I was a court reporter in Oklahoma for many years.  PCT: What would you most like to be remembered for? JL: Our food, of course! And that I’m willing to give everyone a chance. PCT: If you could have lunch with anyone in history, either living or dead, who would it be?  JL: Jesus Christ, and then I’d love to go back and have lunch with my Grandmother Wagonseller one more time. PCT: If you had to do another job other than what you’re doing, what would you do?  JL: I loved reporting and would do it again in a heartbeat if I could. PCT: What is your impact to Parker County? JL: Hopefully it is great food and convenience in getting it!  PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever?  JL: On a professional level, it’s obviously when people are happy with what we do. On a personal level, away f6F6GFrFR&6vF7Wb6ffVR@W7B&VrvFגfW25C*vN( 2FR&W7BV6RbGf6PRvVBvfS*ì*vfRW&6VBWfW'FpRFB6֖RvBvfRPW""f"&V65C*vB2FR7BFW&W7FpFrRfRWfW"FRW ƖfS*ì*ƗfVB'FFFf"V ( bvWBC'WB6W&W6ǒfRWfW'ЧFrF5C*rFBRvWBFW 67WFì*'W&R66FVB6FVVBvRs@