Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 50

hang out with Bill Murray. But if I needed encouragement? Marc Ow- ings, hands down. Dead? I never knew Lester Bower, or maybe Gary Cartwright, the late author. PCT: If you had to do another job other than what you’re doing, what would you do? DN: My dream job is definitely what I am working to do with Cornerstone Diversified Industries now — invent- ing, creating and ultimately writing/ publishing, God willing. I’ve always had an interest in being an adjunct professor as well. PCT: What is your impact to Parker County? DN: As a therapist, I’ve helped Parker County people live longer, fuller lives. I know The Super Cane has already been impactful for several people. But family is where we impact a commu- nity. I’ve been blessed with respectful God-fearing kids who already con- tribute to this world in some form. Working with local youth at church and in the community is important to me, so there is that. 48 PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever? DN: My best day ever happens annu- ally one weekend in October, usually near my birthday: Susan and I hang out with our children and their friends on my parents’ ranch fishing, riding four-wheelers, kayaking, etc., dur- ing the day. Then at night we attend Goldthwaite Music Festival and listen to live music until late at night. Our kids and their friends look forward to this event every year. I can’t shut up about it. And of course any “best day ever” includes brown chicken, brown cow, ha ha. PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give? DN: Perfect love casts out all fear. Invest in people who make that your reality. Encourage each other. PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have ever done in your life? DN: Snorkeling in Belize. The spiritu- al milestones of my kids’ lives are the coolest events of my life. We baptized Ethan, Jack and Lily all in the Guada- lupe River and in the presence of vari- ous family members and strangers. Ethan shouted his confession of faith to random bystanders who roared in applause … such proud moments. Close second would be a Belize Mis- sion Trip, Summer 2017, with Action 24, founded by locals Chris and Amy Bonnet. The last day in Belize they literally had to pull young boys off my son, Jack, because in that moment he was Jesus to them. Can’t top that. Richard C. Huggins Richard is president of SFX Designs Inc., a company that provides special effects and pyro-techniques for movie productions, stage plays and amusement parks. Some of the company’s more famous feats include creating special magic for the Original Broadway Production of Cats, the helicop- ter for the original Broadway Production of Miss Saigon, and pyro techniques for the movie, “Gettysburg.”