Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 39

Understanding the Bucket Lists of Patients With Cancer “There is nothing more important to me as a physician than your cancer treatment. I’ve been in practice for over two decades and have had the privilege of telling many patients that there is life beyond cancer. As president of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, I want to lead by example, practicing a firm belief that all patients should receive the finest medical care available, with the same concern and compassion as a cherished member of the family.” Ray Page, D.O., Ph.D. President and Medical Oncologist The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders My cancer patients, who have been squarely faced with life-changing or life-threatening diagnoses, have taught me so much about the meaning of life, particularly when they are forced to question their own mortality. Sharing thoughts with cancer patients over 20 years, their bucket lists are extremely variable and personalized. However, I have noticed a few common themes. When patients have cancer placing a threat on their life, they want to (in no particular order): 1. Improve their personal health 2. Have a stronger relationship with God 3. Optimize their marital relationship 4. Get things right with c