Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 12

Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. is a full service law firm. We are equipped to address your legal needs, whether they involve appeals, banking, corporate, criminal, employment law, estate planning, oil and gas, personal injury, real estate, or state or federal court trials. Jim Griffis practices in the area of employment law. He advises clients on employment handbooks, employment agreements, covenants n @F6WFR6fFVFƗGw&VVVG2VV@ƗFvFBFW"V&W6W&6W277VW0F@67W FP6FW@`VVB&VF6226֗F2ƖfRr&W6FVB`vVFW&f&BB&W"6VGR0f&W"&W"6VGF7G&7BGF&WBf&W vVFW&f&B6GGF&WBv&2vFd"w2G&FV&W&W6VFr6ƖVG2'&B&vRbƗFvFGFW'26VFp6'&FPvfW&6R7&֖VVB@v27W&6R&&FRBW'6W'ƗFvFदW2Rw&ff2B26֗FV6Rf6BW2B#F7G&VWBvVFW&f&B"ssr7G&VWB7VFRf'Bv'FG'VR&W&W6VFF7G&vBFưssr7G&VWB7VFR( "f'Bv'FFW2sc"( "rss#F7G&VWB( "vVFW&f&BFW2scb( "rSSc#