Parker County Today January 2018 - Page 104

DALE & VIRGINIA PRESNELL Who would have thought nine years after we started working out with Kerry Tate we would still be going strong. Dale and I exercised off and on at gyms in Fort Worth for many years but had become lax and not too disciplined. After retiring and moving west to Parker County, we realized we weren’t too flexible anymore and unwelcome aches and pains had taken residence in our mature bodies. All those years ago, Kerry began working on our range on motion. Wasn’t long before we were moving all our joints with greater flexi- bility. Along with this, he worked on our balance which comes from core strength. We still work on these areas along with lifting weights, resistance training, exercise ball, cardio time and lots of great planking. Kerry changes our training session all the time. Works different mus- cles and keep it interesting. We love to keep pushing it, seeing what more we can do. If you have worked out with Kerry, you know more than physical train- ing. Kerry Tate is a most positive spirit. 102 We have gained much improved physical strength and greater agility to keep with our grandchildren and travel. Sincere appreciation to Kerry Tate and the great staff at Tate’s Total Training. We know our time at Tate’s is well spent. Not only are the wo ][]\HYX]KTHTBH\H\ۈX[YYXNXXQۘ\] ]\L[HY]8(X]\ܙ  ͌ ML KMML8( ML KM \H]KHۙ\˝]\[Z[[˘