Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 92

our youth: AG STARS LANIE WALKER and HER GREEN THUMB A Force To Be Reckoned With BY MISTY BROWNING E 9 0 leven-year-old Lanie Walker is a very busy little girl. The Brock elementary fifth-grader shows crops through the Spring Creek 4-H Club. Like every other kid involved in that program, it keeps her extremely busy. Even her mom is in awe at how packed her schedule can be at times. “She is a well-rounded kid, and does a little of everything,” said mom McKenzie Prather. “She stays very busy.” Even though it takes hard work and dedication to show horticul- ture, Lanie loves it. She was exposed to horticulture and gardening in general as a child while watching her grandmother plant, learn- ing what to do and what not to do. It was her grandmother that Lanie inherited her “green thumb” from, and she is very proud to have that gift. “My grandma owns Harry’s Greenhouse, and when I was little I would go pick out plants and plant them in my dad’s garden,” she said. One reason she loves being involved in horticulture is that she likes to eat what she grows. Her claim to fame are her peppers — Spanish Spice and Giant Marconi peppers, to be exact. Lanie says she loves to snack on her peppers, and that they can get up to a half-foot long. Those gigantic peppers are award winners and a big seller every year. They are also Lanie’s favorite things to grow. “My peppers get really big, and the first time I showed them they won first place and have won a lot of prizes.” Not only has she won first place, but third and fourth place, as well. But Lanie doesn’t just show peppers; she also shows okra, squash and onions. Even with all her awards, one of the things she is most proud of is her participa- tion in the horti- culture division of the 4-H record book contest. She won first place in Parker County and made it to district. She won’t be able to advance until her senior year, but her family is proud that she made it as far as she did after only showing a few years.  Lanie has also won awards for her other vegetables. At the 2017 Parker County Frontier Days Livestock Show, Lanie won for her peppers and squash. In the little bit of spare time she has, she doesn’t sit and watch television like most kids her age. She lives on a cattle ranch, so there is always something to do involving cattle. Lanie loves to help her parents, including when it’s time to brand the cattle. She also loves horses and has participated in rodeos, though she doesn BFB2V626RW6VBF( ĒW6VBF&RFRG2V"&FV766FFB&'&V&6rBR&VBЦr( 6RWVBW"62FB6R@&FVVB66RFRvRbRBvVBvFƗGFPv&F2B&7F6RWfW'6GW&F6PFF( B&FRF27BV"&V6W6RbRWrfPW"ƖfR( B&6WF&6Rf2vB&V6W07&RFR6R2vFFRV"7'B*'WB6^( 2B&VGFVB6vrfbW w&VVFV"VFRWB6R2FVW6rЦrW"fVvWF&W2&RWfVFFrfWpWG&GW2FRW6֖rV'26R2WfVF涖r&WB6vrrR26v2FR7B6VFrVfW"'WBvWG0FGF6VBFFV6^( FV6FR6b6PvG2FFRFW"vV6Rw&w2W6RvG2FGFV@VFW"F&WF"FW2dB&V6RfWB6R2F6FVRvVFv666vrFR7&2FB6RfW26RvFBFRBԂ&w&f"R6R&V6( ĐFN( 2vB&w&(