Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 89

Texas. I then decided to return to Baylor College of Dentistry for four years and have now been a dentist for the last 19 years and love it. PCT: What is your back-up job if you weren’t in this business?  My back up profession would be teaching at the high school or college level. If I go all the way back to when I was attending college, my back-up profession would have been to become a pilot in the Navy and fly for the Blue Angels! What is your favorite thing about your job?  DR: My favorite thing about my job is helping my patients achieve overall health and wellness of not only the oral cavity but of the entire body. I love the interaction with the patients and being able to care for them as if they were family. PCT: What have you learned in pursing your field?  DR: I have learned and continue to learn many different aspects of my profession. Dentistry is no longer the “drill and fill” profession it used to be. I am very active in continuing education classes that have to do with obstructive sleep apnea in children and adults, and am also involved with Phase I and Phase II orthodontics for children and adults to give them that broad beautiful smile they want and a healthy airway along with the smile. PCT: What advice can you give others who may want to follow in your footsteps? DR: The most valuable advice I can give to someone who wants to follow in my footsteps is learn how to communicate effectively and pursue a college educa- tion. Remember, you never stop learning! Go and “shadow” a dentist and see if you like the profession. Do some research on the profession and look at the future opportunities that are out there. PCT: What is the best piece of advice you can give to customers? DR: The best advice I can give to customers is be an advocate for your own body. If you have ques- tions, be sure to ask them. You deserve outstanding customer service and the best possible care there is out there. Research the website, the procedures that are performed, the history of the practice, the doctors and the reviews. PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have seen in your field? DR: The most interesting thing I have seen in my field was a surgery performed by a local oral surgeon. He totally reconstructed a patient’s lower jaw from the patient’s own lower leg bone using pins, screws, plates and implants. Another interest- ing thing $͕ٔ䁙́܁ɱ䁽Ѡ)ѥѕٕѥɕͥЁɽ)ɽѠٕЁЁѡ́)ѡѥӊéЁхЁ͕ѥ͕ЃLѡ)%I]d)A P ]Ё́ͽѡѡЁѡ́eЁ)Ёԁȁȁ )HAѥ́䁹Ё܁ѡЁ$ɥ)e$݅́ɸɅ͕9܁)͕)!ݕٕȰ$ЁѼQ́́Ё́$ձAѥ)䁹Ё܁ѡЁ$ɽ٥ձѥՑ)͕٥́ѡЁѡ䁵䁹Ёٕ݅ɔ$)ѽ́Յɑ̰ɽͥݡѕ)ȁѕѠɕЁȁՍѥٔͱ)ɅѕȁѕѠݥѠ%٥ͅɕЁ)9ٕȀ)ɕѱ䁕ɽ(ɕɹՑ)9ٕȀ)܀Ʌ͙ȁՑ)Mɥ)IɅѥ)(