Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 83

her even after his death. Even though Juno was gone for almost a year, she was convinced she’d get him back, somehow.  “I think my dad sent him back to me. The shelter in Texas was calling him Rusty. Well, my daddy was named Dusty — so you all tell me,” she said. Though Tullos and Juno’s story is sprinkled with heartache, the good people in Parker County brought a heartwarming reunion to a woman and her dog. Their bond is stronger than ever, and with a little help from “the beyond,” neither time nor distance were able to keep them apart. ! l a c r o o L f e t p m o o d h A m ays e h t Send he holid t Donate online at: Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter 403 Hickory Lane | Weatherford, TX | 76086 | 817-598-4111 (All donations are tax deductable) Giving Second Chances Campaign 81