Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 82

our pets: RESCUE STORY Finding Juno By ETHAN EVANS J 80 uno’s story is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming. It begins with a daughter’s love for her father and ends with fate reunit- ing a woman with her dog. Tara Tullos is a Florida resident who was badly bitten by a dog as a young girl. “475 stitches and half an inch away from a main artery in my neck. I was lucky to be alive,” she said.  After countless corrective surgeries and time to heal, her father, Newell Tuttle, aka “Dusty,” gave her a pup, “to learn not to be afraid [of dogs].” His name was Juno Sr., and he was an amazing dog. Flash forward many yea rs, Juno Sr. has passed, and our Juno’s story begins. Tullos adopted the second Juno from a Florida shelter the very day her father was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer.   “He was the exact replica of my former pup that passed,” Tullos said. She named him Juno after her childhood dog, and he immediately brought light into her dying father’s eyes. Juno helped Tullos Loosing a Heavenly Pup cope with the death of her father. When her father was in his final days, Tullos remembers him saying things like “I can’t believe you’ve been with me all these years, Juno,” as he confused him with the family’s former dog.  On one fateful afternoon during a storm in August of 2016, Juno somehow got out and was lost.  “When my dad died, Juno was all I had left of him. … When he got out I was devastated,” Tullos recalled.  Tullos and her spouse Cary, put flyers all over the area and called every shelter and hospital in town for him. Somehow over the course of a year, Juno went from Florida all the way to our very own Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter. Another Florida family found Juno after the storm, took him in, and then moved to Texas for work. It was here that Juno was reluctantly surrendered to the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter because that Florida family had to move again. Thankfully, Juno was micro chipped and a staffmember from the shelter called Tullos and told her that her dog was safe, ready to be returned to her. Juno was transported back to Florida where they were lovingly reunited. Thanks to the help of the WPCAS, Tullos, her family, and Juno all live a happy existence once again.  Tullos and Juno’s reunited friendship is her father’s gift to