Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 72

Williams Home – 401 W. Simmons  This eight-room cottage/farmhouse was built circa 1896 in the Queen Anne style with Eastlake style ornamentations. A steeply pitched roof tops the structure. The home has been remolded numerous times and is constructed of cypress and was a modest home of the time, but well-built. The lot was purchased by Sam R. Williams and his wife, Martha, along with their young daugh- ter, Lillie, who lived there until 1906. It was purchased by Ileita Clark Wadley, a widow rais- ing her six young sons. Her mother-in-law and her young brother-in-law also lived in the house. The Clarks and the Wadleys came to Texas from Mississippi. Thomas Dodds and Mary bought the home in 1919 for $2,400, just two months before Thomas Dodds’ death. Mary was living in this home with her young nephews through at least 1930. Occasionally, she would have board- ers and a milk cow, selling milk to the neighbors. Harold and Cecil Morris lived in the home from 1945-1973. They purchased the home the day after Christmas in 1945 for $4,500. They had one daughter, Cynthia (Morris) Thomas. They sold it in 1973. In 1977, it was on the Spring Festival Tour and was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Mac Smith, who owned the house until 1983. Mr. and Mrs. David Reeder owned the home from 1986-2016. The home was renovated in 2016 by Joe and Kathy Wylie. The new owner, Jessica Eaves, came along for this charming farmhouse just this year. Tour location sponsored by: Alamo Title - Weatherford Vintage Grill and Car Museum – 202 Fort Worth Highway 70 Built around 1919, the buildings that make up Vintage Grill and Car Museum have always revolved around cars. The Bankhead Highway came through Weat W&f&B&VB#'&vrvFBWF&RG&ff2FP6&&g&V'b#6w2'VFrvFv2F2FvBFR6&W"WF6W2@ff6R&W"6FFRV7BBv&vRvFS6"66GFW"FRv27FFvVB&V6RFPw&WVB'W27Ff"vVFW&f&BFR6&&FbVG&W&VWW"@vW"F7&VbBFRFV@fFvRw&fR&WffVBFR6&W B&fVFBvVFR7F'b'VFr2V'&6VBw&VBFw2&R76&RFR'VFw27B'Fb7&Vn( 26V7FbfFvRB6V7F&RWF2FW"6F76&VB'fFvRw&B6"W6WV