Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 68

Frazier Home – 305 S. Lamar This farm-style house was built around 1901 by dentist Claude E. Frazier and his wife. The house was then purchased in 1908 by J.F. Patterson, a realtor from Tennessee, and his wife Nellie and their young daughter, Belle. The next owner was Roy Hefrin and his wife. About six years later, the house was sold to Adella Cartledge. The 1930 census has Geraldine Cartledge Buster living here with her husband, James, a salesman, and two children, ages 9 and 6. Geraldine was listed as a seamstress/dressmaker. In 1930, the Busters sold the home to Walter and Clara Browder, who owned the home for 34 ye '2FWW&66VBFRRf C"CB6BBcBf"CrFWfR&VFVBFRW6RWB0FW&RƗ7FVBƗfrFW"RFRC6V7W2fW"FRV'2FW"vW'2vW&PVv&FvRFBƖF7FWV6B#262B676RWW'2W&66VBFRR&fFr6WFP&VFVBFFFFR&VBWrvW'2&R6FBǖFVWvW&66VBBदV'FW"6F76&VB'FW2&f66F"Rbv&FV2( 2svW7BVRfVVPc`FVvFVv06F.( 2fRWffW0g&2FVB2'G&B'F7BR0&W7B&VV&W&VBvVFW&f&Bf"0v&2v&FVW"6gFW"2'&vPFWFVFW66RfW"7&W0b6Ɩ6Rֆ&FVV@BVBBvFP6Fw2&VBWFV"6VWfW2BvV@Fv&vBR6VPFW&RFF2FR&W7V@br&@FvF66fVBWfVG֗FRFR&VWFgVR2W7FVBVFR6f'F&ǒr&VFW'2G2fVF2BvFW&fF2VVRG&V7W&R2rvVB'FR6GbvVFW&f&BBFVB'FR&2@&V7&VFFW'FVBFW"6F76&VB'&W"6VGFFvP