Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 67

Johnson Home – 517 W. Spring This house was one of four homes built in this area by an unknown owner between 1873-1879. It originally faced south towards Palo Pinto and Spring Streets, and was a one-story farmhouse with the entrance on the south side into a parlor, which had a fireplace. The house was then purchased by James Johnson prior to 1892. After borrowing $400 for renovations, Johnson raised the roof and added the dormers, along with the front porch, wraparound porch and the back area. The columns were also added to give the house a Victorian-gothic look. Johnson changed the entrance to Spring Street as it had become the main street in Weatherford. The original hand-dug well of the 1870s still remains. The house is made of cyprus wood brought to Texas from Louisiana. During World War II, the house was used as apartments for the soldiers at Fort Wolters. This home has had several owners, however; Stan Garner restored the home in 2015. The current owners of this lovely two- story home are Mac and Laura Roberts. Tour location sponsored by: Remax Trinity Fleming Home – 321 W. Oak Tour location sponsored by: Rosa’s Café This mid-century ranch house was built by J.R. Fleming and his wife Ora between 1949 and 1950. The Fleming family owned a pecan shelling business and cotton oil business in town. J.C. Britton and wife Eugenia purchased the home in 1952. The Herman Carr family bought it in 1956. Carr’s wife Zenna and their daughter Dorisan moved into town from a ranch west of town. Zenna fell in love with this home and the quality workmanship it offered, the solid oak wood flooring, built-ins, its spaciousness, large yard, and the location was within walking distance of her daughter’s school. After Zenna passed away in 1999, Dorisan and her husband Mike lived in the home a few years while their other home was being remodeled. After the Carr-Thomas families owned this home for over 50 years, the Ferguson family purchased it in 2008. In 2014, Craig and Mildred Farmer purchased the home and are the owners of this beautiful mid-century ranch home. 65