Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 53

Continued from page 47 Temple said. “I couldn’t believe that I was getting help. That they didn’t run me through the ringer. These people were going to help me. This was on a Thursday. I was in having my diag- nostic mammogram on Monday.” The doctors didn’t like what they saw on the mammogram. “They immediately sent me straight over for a sonogram,” Temple said. “The tech didn’t like what she saw so she got the doctor. That was on a Monday and I was getting a biopsy by the next Thursday.”  The biopsy came back as “Abnormal Tissue.”  The next diagnostic she had was a Thermal Mammogram. “They could see the blood flowing in that duct,” Temple said. “Mine was a spontaneous bleeding.” Temple’s diagnosis was that she had a very early stage of breast cancer. Temple kept thinking, “Why are they all in such a hurry? Can’t this all wait until after the wedding?” The answer was always, “Ah, no.” Temple had two surgeries in one day. “Solis in Weatherford did the duct removal and then I went to Weatherford Regional (now Medical City Weatherford) then they removed the abnormal tissue,” she said. “That is probably not the medical term for it. Everyone that worked with me was wonderful, from the people at Solis to the hospital to everyone in my doctor’s office and especially my surgeon, Dr. Amy Gunter.” She had taken the day off for the biopsy. “I thought I could use the rest of the day to work on the decorations,” Temple said. “But they said, ‘No. You need to rest.’” The best, of course, was the people with Careity. “If it wasn’t for them I would probably be on my deathbed right now,” Temple said. The woman she works for called Temple into her bedroom one day. She said, “I want you to go into my safe and get my will.” Temple located it. She told Temple, “I want you to find out what I need to do and how I need to word it to leave my estate to Careity. Without them, I wouldn’t still have you in my life.” Temple was overwhelmed.  The question remaining is, how did the wedding go? Temple’s smile is radiant. “I pulled it off without a hitch,” she said. 51