Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 48

T here is a little bit of confusion about the distinction between the different types of ERs due to the change in regulation and licensing policies in the healthcare industry. Independent freestanding facilities have been around since 2003 and were licensed eligible in 2010. The freestanding emergency rooms have emerged as a welcoming alternative to a hospital ER. A freestanding ER may or may not be affiliat- ed with a hospital, but is licensed by the state to provide fast, efficient care to the local population. Many freestanding facilities are clustered around urban areas, volume ranging from 700 to 56,545 people in need of immediate medical care. The guidelines on what a freestanding ER must provide are: •  24/7 availability, seven days a week, through- out the whole year, including holidays. • A highly qualified expert and Board-Certified Emergency Physicians. •Must have nurses certified in advanced cardiac life support and pediatric life support. •Must have a policy in place for the efficient transfer of patients to a higher level of care when needed.  The smaller environment and quick response to the patient can make a difference in our community. The devoted physicians, registered nurses, and radiology technologist can focus their attention on the patients needed one-on- one care and educating the community one family at a time.  We are devoted to serving our community, excited about building great relationships, and being an ER you can count on in your time of need.  When an emergency arises, come walk through our doors and let us treat you like family. We are well equipped and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Come see the differ- ence and personal care we can offer you today.  Remember, we are an ER and we bill as an ER. Getting you in to see a doctor quickly with little wait time, providing the lastest technology, and diagnosing you accurately to get you back to your daily routine.  We want to be a vital part of healthcare in our city and the surrounding communities. Come see what is new, and experience a home-like emergency room environment that is focused on your needs and making a difference for you and your family. We provide a win-win situation for patients and the community.                           Redefining ER Care 46 EMERGENCY ROOM • Full Servic