Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 43

Why You Need to Stay Heart Smart During the Holidays Michelle Underwood, MBA, BSN, RN, CEN Division Vice President Emergency | Trauma | Surgical Services Medical City Healthcare “I only eat like this around the holidays.” “I don’t drink very often, but there are so many social functions this time of year.” “I thought it was just heartburn. I didn’t want to make a fuss and ruin everyone’s good time.” Any of these sound familiar? They do to virtually every ER doctor in the United States, some of whom coined the term “Christmas coronary” to describe the more than 30% increase in heart attacks and heart-related problems that occur in the winter — specifically on Christmas, the day after Christmas and on New Year’s Day. Another name doctors use for this trend is holiday heart. That’s because many Americans celebrate the holidays with sudden binges of alcohol and food that puts added stress on weakened hearts. To make matters worse, they’re mo B[[Y]\[YHوYX\YۛܙH܈Z\ZHH\[œYۜوX\]X˂X\\X\H\HXY[]\HوX]܈Y[[Y[[H[]Y]\ˈY[ۙH\BX\]X]\H Xۙˈ[Y^HX\\۸&]\ܚ[Z[]H8%H[ܙX\H[X\[Y[YBXܛ[Y\[[\[[X[Y\[[[œ[H\[\\X\]\ˈY[X]Y ][XY[ܙH\[\ۙ][ۜ[Y[]X[X[][ۂQPKH[XX]\˂(BYXHH\وY^HX\]X΂(HY\[KX[YH[[[ۘ[\[]Y[\(H^H[ ]HH[\[™\]Y[H][[K(HX]Y ]Y[[[\[[XX[Y\X\YXH][K[[Hو]\(HY\[ݚ[˰۝[YHܛX[^\\H][\XZ[Z[\[ݘ\[\X[[\ٙZYZ[[[Y[[]܈X]]Y\\\[KK\ٝ[[\[˜[H\[Yۜ[\H\ݚY[˂(HZ[H[YK^HۈY[H]\ܚ\[ۂYYX][ۜ[Y][[H\H\B[Y܈H\ [ܚY[[\ܚ\[ۂ\p\H]^p[\Hو[^\˂(H^H\K\[^Y\܈HX]\[]YX]H\X[^\[ۈ[H H\[X]HY^\\Z[X[H[B[K]H[[H[YH]Y[[[Z[H[^HX\X\ ۛH[\\وHX\]X[[LLB[[YYX][HY[H^\Y[N(HZ[܈\Yܝ[H\ \\܈[\˂(Hܝ\وX] (HY[[YXYY XZ܈Z[ (HX\\]\XH܈Z][˂(H[\X[]YYK\ܜ\X]Y]Y^HX\]X΂(Hݙ\[[[[[X]\Y\X˜[Y\[ۜ[\[ۈ[ܙX\\\\H[]\][[ۋ][Y][ۘ[Z[ۈHX\ \H KH [ ۂ]\YJH[Y\X[Z[\[HY^\˂(HX]\Z[HX\HۜX[˜\[[[ܙX\[\\H[XZ[[ܙHX\[K(HY[[[\]܈X]]p[^[Y[BX]\X\ݙ[[XH[ۛY[YۛY܈Y[]BY]\\HZH[[X[ۈHX\ (H\[܈Z[YYX][ۜۈ[YB(B[]H\Hۜ\]Y[\܈[HZ[š[[[܈\YYX][ۜ܈ۚXۙ][ۜ˂[\Z[[X[[[ۜ[][[\ܝ\Y[\^\\H[YYX][ۈ][\˂ܙX]\[[[ۘ[\[\ܝ\YY\\[HY^\[XZ[H[[][B\[KXZ[[H[ܙH\\XH[K\[\[X[ۜ[]\[[XYHBX\]\K[^Z[X]Y[܈[\\وHX\]X\\ܝ\Y^HX]]Y\\›]\HYXK]\HXۙ[]HBYH[][[XYHX\\YK