Parker County Today December 2017 - Page 24

our stories: CANCER WARRIOR Brenda Williams — Cowgirl Up in the Battle Against Cancer BY MISTY BROWNING renda Williams is a tough cowgirl. A cutting horse trainer for over 30 years, she moved back to Texas to get more involved in the breeding aspect of the horse industry. Williams worked on a ranch and was rehabbing horses when she was diagnosed with cancer. “It was about a year when I was diag- nosed with uterine cancer with a very large mass in my uterus,” said Williams. “I thought ok. Nothing big you know. We will go and get it taken care of.” That’s exactly what Williams did. She went in and did a lot of radiation during that summer. In August, she got hooked up with Beverly Branch and Lyn Walsh, or who are better known as the “Careity girls” and Dr. DeEtte Vasques at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. “Thank the good Lord,” she smiled and said, ”I love that lady [Vasques] and she’s a good ol’ girl as far as I’m concerned. I just really like her. She did some tests and we did some more scans and stuff and she said Brenda, you have Stage 3, and I think that I can probably only keep you alive for a year. I said I’m going to tell you, God and I have this hooked. He’s in my corner and He’s going to take care of it. So I said with his guidance, we are going to get this taken care of.” It was that can-do attitude and God’s guidance that has pushed her to tackle her cancer head-on. Williams said at the moment she was diagnosed with cancer, she had a peace surround her she had only heard about. “People talked about having peace in their life from God and being a Christian, but I never felt more peaceful in my whole life like I did right them. At that moment, I knew God was there and will take me through this.” Williams went forward with radiation and did some more chemo. In February, she had surgery and a full hysterectomy to take her uterus out. When doctors looked at her uterus, her mass had B 22 shrunk down to a microscopic piece and had been completely removed. After she bounced back from that surgery, Dr. Vasques found a small tumor in her vaginal sleeve. Now she is doing more chemo and looking at more surgery. Williams thanks Careity for everything that they have done to help her during her journey. She doesn’t know what she would have done without Beverly and Lyn. She knows in her heart that they were brought into her life to help cure her of cancer. She said if it wasn’t for them, she doesn’t know where she would be. “I don’t think people know what this foundation does for people. Not only do they put you to the right doctors, and the right place to get all this taken care of, but the support system, the financial support in so many ways that people out there have no idea what these ladies do. I was unable to work. I’ve been physical all my life and the cancer made that an impossibility for me to be as physical as I have always been.” Careity’s biggest fundraiser is their celebrity cutting horse tournament. They work hard with the NCHA and other organizations to raise money to help people like Williams fight cancer and get back to their life. Corporate sponsors like Jerry Durant donate their time and money to help Careity give back as much as they do to the community. For Williams, it’s all those unsung heroes that she thanks for helping her get back to where she was before she was diagnosed with cancer. “I thank my heavenly Father and Dr. V and all the people at the Cancer Center here in Fort Worth and Weatherford and the Careity Foundation. The whole conglomeration of wonderful people. Being the person that I am with this whole organization, there is no doubt in my mind that God is on my side and we will go forward and I will be back riding real quick.”