Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 93

wildly popular Wild West Show.  By contrast, Mackenzie had an exemplary service record (Custer had been court marshaled), but little time for the limelight. Due to his thrift with words and unassuming demeanor, little of his writing remains. His reports were short and to the point: “Went into the field. Killed Indians.” And he had no champion, no “Libbie” or Cody to promote him.  Though revered along the former frontier and among superior officers — General Sheridan, President Grant and General Sherman believed no other officer had done more to facilitate the settlement of the Texas frontier than Mackenzie — for a time history seemed to go dim on this disciplined leader who’d accomplished so much. Wallace and others collected threads of this fascinating story and pieced together biographies of the man, retrieving Mackenzie’s name from the dustbins of the past. NOTE: Admittedly, concerning Custer, the above story presents only one side of a multi-faceted man, focusing on his shortcomings. By many accounts Custer, known as the “Boy General” during the Civil War (he was 23 when promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers), was an aggressive officer unafraid of dashing into the fray. He, too, received many brevet promotions for outstanding performance. But his obsession with glory and fame is well-documented and stands in stark contrast with Mackenzie’s service attitude. Custer is used here merely as a foil.   Choose from over 100 bar stools for your kitchen, bar or game room 2312 Montgomery St., Fort Worth 76107 Located in the Cultural Arts District • 817.377.1004 Open Mon- Fri 9-6, Sat. 9-5 Two Locations •Small Animal •Large Animal •Boarding Ryan E. Cate, DVM •Grooming 819 Santa Fe Drive | Weatherford, TX 76086 Phone 817-594-0216 • Fax 817-341-8400 819 Santa Fe Drive, Weatherford, TX 76086 • (817) 594-0216 | Metro: (817) 596-8808 Mon-Fri: 8am–5:30pm | Sat: 8am–12pm 1421 FM 1189 Ste. 4 | Brock, TX 76087 (817) 599-8085 Mon-Thur: 7:30am–6pm | Fri: 7:30am–5pm • Emergency calls after hours • PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Grote VGrote eterinary CVeterinary liniC Clinic DECEMBER 2016 Sources: • Ranald Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier, by Ernest Wallace, 1964, West Texas Museum Association, Lubbock, Texas • Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald S. Mackenzie, by Charles M. Robinson III, 2005, State House Press • Sagebrush Soldier: Private William Earl Smith’s View of the Sioux War of 1876, by Sherry L. Smith, 2001, University of Oklahoma Press. • Handbook of Texas Online • • • • • Other Internet sources Sit in Comfort 91