Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 92

Continued from page 57 Expires 12/31/16 Specializing in Women’s Healthcare and Quality of Life • Obstetrical Ultrasound DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY • Prenatal Care 90 • Preventative Health Maintenance • Contraceptive Counseling • Cancer Prevention and Screening • Gynecological Surgery Lindsay McBride, D.O., F.A.C.O.G. Stephen Stamatis, M.D., F.A.C.O.G Krista Lemley, D.O. Drs. Stamatis and Lemley are accepting new patients. All Major Insurance Accepted 706 East Eureka • Weatherford, Texas 76086 • 817.599.7373 taking him to Washington; however, the special railroad car provided for his travel delivered him to the Bloomingdale Asylum in New York City, the city of his birth.  According to Wallace, on March 5, 1884, a retiring board “pronounced the General, who had won the distinction of being one of the nation’s two greatest Indian fighters, permanently unfit for further military duty…” Reportedly, Mackenzie calmly replied, “I think I am not insane. I think that I have served as faithfully ́剽䁥ѡ)ɵ丁$ݽձɅѡȁѡ)ѡɕѥɕиQɵ䁥́$ٔ)ЁѼɔȸ$eЁݥ͠Ѽх)ɔt)ѽ́ɕ5饔)ͅѡɵ䁽ɕѥɕ)5ɍаиQɵ䁥ѕѡЁѡɅéѥ+q݅́ɕɽݽչ́ɕٕ)ɔѡ今t+ %)չɕɹѼٔݥѠ)́ͥѕȁ!ɥЁ́塽)5ɥѽݸ9(啅)ѕȁɽѡȁͥѕȁͥ)ٕѼ9܁ ɥѽMхѕ)%ͱݡɔ5饔ఁ))䰀+ ݥ ѕˊéѠ́ݥ+q1tѕ͕Ѽх饹ȁ͉Aȁܸ)ѽ乍胊qQɽ՝Ё́ɕȰ) ѕȁᡥѕɕ́ѕɅЁѡЁЁЁх)ɽՉݥѠɥȁ̸eЁ)Ʌ́Ʌɕ䁉Օѥ)%݅́兹Ёݡ)ɅѕɑЁɕ͕ٕ́ɔ)ɥѥ̸%ѠЁ́ѡͅ)!́ݥ酉Ѡѡɽ՝)Չѥ́ɕ́ɥѡ)͡٥ٕ)ՍѼɕєѡ)ͅɕȁѡЁѥ̸ͥAɽ)ɔݽɑ̰ɼٔ)ɥѕЁɝɵɽ) ѕȁѡ䁽́х)ѕɅɥ́ɅɅt+ ѕȁ͕ɽєمɥ)́Ё͕51ѡ)A̰Q ѕȁMѽ䰁 ѕȁ)ѡ ٥]ȸ ՙ 䰁ѡ)ɕѕЁѡеɽѥȁ͡ݵ)ɔѕ ѕˊé1ЁMх((