Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 88

our opinions: ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT In The Comfort Zone DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Beware of pitchmen making claims that are just too good to be true — because they usually are There seems to be any number of companies out there who want to help save you money on your electric bill. That’s a good thing — right? It’s a very good thing, but what you need to watch out for is some of their outlandish claims that they can save you a third, half or more off your home electric bills. Whether it’s new windows, energy star rated appliances, tankless water heaters, solar panels, new air-conditioning or heating systems or additional insulation, let the buyer beware when someone makes those kinds of promises about your home and your hard-earned money. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to save half of my monthly electric bill by doing one simple improvement on my home. In fact, someone made that exact claim to me when discussing replacement windows. But I know, and he did too, that it’s impossible to make that big of a difference by just replacing windows, or really anything else you can do to your home. Your home electricity bill is made up of a number of items. An average bill breakdown is as follows: Air conditioning – 35% Heating – 25% Hot water heater – 20% Lifestyle (includes cooking, televisions, lights, etc.) – 20% When someone promises to save you half of your home electric bills by replacing windows, it would mean that you would pay only 10% for your heating and air conditioning instead of the 60%, which is what most people pay. That’s just not possible. While new windows would decrease the load of your air-conditioning system, there are other factors including how much sunlight the windows receive, the type of window covering or curtains, and the type of window glass, which all impact how much heat is gained through 86 By Brett Hobson CEO Comfort Experts the windows. A study of what creates the load on your air-conditioning system says that windows only contribute 30% of the total. Air is also heated in the walls, ceiling, internal spaces and in the ducts to the amount of 70% of the load, so even replacing all your windows wouldn’t shave that one-third to one-half off your electric bills. While so many of the items I detailed above will make a difference in your overall utility bill, you have to weigh the costs of the improvements against how long you will be living in your home. Using our window example, the cost of replacing windows can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Same goes for new energy efficient appliances as well as new air-conditioning and heating systems. You could be spending more than your house is worth just to save a few dollars a month. Looking online for current electricity costs, it’s running between 6.9 and 9.1 ce ́݅Ёȸ%Ёݽձхݙձ䁱)ѥȁԁѼɕٔ䁉ЁɽѡЁɝ)ɔ)$ɕɅѼɔɝ䁕)ѕ́ݡ׊eɔѼɕѕ́݅丁%)ԁɔЁ܁չаɔԁЁѡ)Ёɝ䁕ЁԁɐQͅ)ȁ̸]׊eɔ͡ȁѡAe)ɝMхȁ%Ё́ɽՍ́ɽ)Ѽ݅ѕȁѕ̰ͼӊéЁԁɔɥ)̸%ԁ܁ݥ̰ЁѡЁɝ)Ё́ԁ))ЁЁѡ́ݡ׊eɔѡ͔ͥٔ́Ʌ́ȁ͔ɕх)Ʌѽȁȁ䰁eЁٔѡ́ͅэ)ѡɽ͔ѡЁɕȁѡ䁉̸)'eЁѼՔЁѡЁ쁉Ёݡ)ЁѼаӊéЁЁͥ((0