Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 77

DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Cantey Jr., wrote its constitution and by-laws, adopted at the first organizational meeting held April 1, 1932. They agreed that the local chapter would be named in honor of Major Van Zandt, who had distinguished himself as one of Fort Worth’s best known citizens for more than 50 years. The chapter gave a dinner at the Woman’s Club on Sept. 17, 1932, for the purpose of receiving the Charter of the Major K.M. Van Zandt Chapter 6 of the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution.” The Texas Society was organized on Dec. 8, 1896 which coincided with the formation of the California State Society and the National Society, formed in the later 1800s. Connelley is the current chapter president and lives in Aledo. Connelley can trace his lineage through his mother’s side to the Rippy family. “Rippy, that went down through my mother’s side. Most people that join the SAR want to identify and track it back to their grandfather. Once you find one you normally find you have one, two, three, four, five and six, ancestors. So, I’ve actually had three descendants that fought in the Revolutionary War from different parts of the family,” Connelley explained. “He was captured for a little while. The British kept the prisoners on ships off the coast and they didn’t feed them. They put them on a ship and they were basically just locked in. Maybe once a week they would let them out on the ship, but they were just stuck out there. So, he [Rippy] spends a few months on one of these ships. So, once he was released he migrated to start his family. They migrated across the South and came to Texas. My family came to Texas — Rippy’s family came here probably in the 1880s. Then the first part of the 1860s there is a connection really to Parker County. The Comanches attacked a lot of people in Parker County in the 1860s and ‘70s. If you look at anything and research on that you’ll find a relative of mine. He was a distant cousin or uncle and he was in Western Parker County where the Comanches attacked. There’s a cabin in the park in Weatherford. There is a 75