Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 68

Ron Woods — Sportsman, History Buff Ron Woods, a World War I and World War II firearms collector, has been an avid gun collector with interest in vintage and modern military service weapons since 2006. He is involved in historical restoration of military firearms used on the front lines across the globe. This allows him to honor those brave men and women who have served their country. “After years of investing in fine timepieces and writing instruments, collecting military firearms satisfies more avenues of interest for me, like the historic research opportunities of the firearm itself, and satisfaction from attaining the highest long-range accuracy through handmade match-grade ammunition finish improvements and competitions with other collectors,” Woods explained.  USMC 1941a1 Sniper Rifle: Building upon successful experience with modified M1903 Springfield bolt-action rifles dating to WWI, the United States Marine Corps began development of the M1903 Model 1941 sniper rifle in 1929, using a Type-C stock in place of the non-pistol grip straight stock and designated it the M1903a1 National Match rifle. In 1942, the USMC selected the 8X (power) Unertl telescopic sight with external elevation and windage adjustments for use on the Springfield M1903a1 NM rifle, now designated the “USMC Model 1941a1” sniper rifle. The USMC found the rifle effective in the Pacific Theater of WWII and the Korean War. DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Victory Model: The Smith & Wesson “Military & Police,” “Victory” .38 Special revolver show ɭTLAɽ݅)ՙɕ=ѽȀиQɕٽٕȁ́ѡ)ѥѥٔq[tɕхѡ͕ɥյȸ)]ϊéѡȰTLɵȁ ́Mи ɰ]̰)ݽձٔɥѡMѠ]ͽYѽɕٽٕȁ͡ձȁѕȁݥѠ́䁍ɕ́ѡ]]%$)AQѕȁɥ́ݥѠ%ɥ))AѽɅݥѠѡ]]%$TLpMхˊt)]]%$TLɵȁ ́Ʌ͕Ёɽ՝)Ѽ ɽݹݽQ̰ԁѕȁ]]%$((()Aѽ́I]((0