Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 67

Citizens National Bank — Guns and Money The staff members of Citizens National Bank is proud of their growing gun collection. Even though the bank’s first gun collection is in its beginning stages, it’s already turning heads. While working with a company out of Waxahachie, the over-30-piece collection took bank CEO (and passionate gun collector) Mark Singleton 12 months to plan and purchase. “The gun collection is a way to share the rich history that is tied to the State of Texas,” Singleton said. “Responsibility, preservation, the love of history, the love of banks and family is who we are and what this bank is about.” Guns have always been a part of Singleton’s history, starting with his grandfather, a Yale graduate and colonel. His assortment of firearms came first to his son, Mark’s dad, who had his own collection, and now to Mark. The signature piece in his collection is the replica “Come and Get It” cannon. The base, created by Newell Sink out of cypress pieces from Tennessee, is something that can be traced back to Texas history. “The cannon is a piece that I wanted to especially tie back to the State of Texas,” explained Singleton. “The cannon is a replica of the original cannon in Gonzalez, Texas, and is something I really wanted in this collection.” This collection will continue to grow as Singleton finds appropriate guns to add to it. Right now, it’s a reminder of how guns and money will always go together. PHOTO BY STEVE SCHILLIO