Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 6

Taffy Come Home A Letter From The Editor I recently learned that my mother was correct all along, “never jump to conclusions.” Well, recently, I Jumped. I wasn’t alone, most of Facebook jumped right along with me. It began with a glance at Facebook while drinking a protein shake, chased down with strong, hot coffee. Reposted by a friend and fellow animal lover, with the headline, “Weatherford Resident Kathy Hawkins leaves Great Pyrenees to die.” The guy that originally posted the piece spun a colorful yarn about his weekend hunting excursion and finding a ragged, exhausted, 12-year-old Great Pyrenees, “in the middle of a ranch.” The post described the dog as malnourished, “probably didn’t have much time left,” and exhausted, “I’m sure from dodging coyotes all night.” The postwriter went on to say that the owner of the dog had dumped “him” five days earlier, “apparently.” He said, he’d, “asked around and found that the owner had been tracked down and contacted, and they weren’t coming back to get him.” The post ended with, “Nice going Kathy. Let her know how you feel.” Being a helpful soul, he included a Weatherford phone number. WOW! I was appalled. How could anyone dump a Great Pyrenees, especially an old one and leave it to die, bewildered and alone, ripped apart by a pack of coyotes? The post included a map to “Kathy’s” house and her address. Not only was this shockingly cruel but it was besmirching the name of all Parker County dwellers. I had to call this cruel Kathy. The woman who answered was neither cruel nor was she named Kathy. It was Patricia Hawkins who answered the phone and she was kind, gracious but a bit bewildered about why she was bombarded by angry calls beginning at 6:30 the morning before. Had she ever owned a Great Pyrenees dog? She had, but her dog was a female, 13 years old, named Taffy. Patricia and her husband had Taffy since she was a pup. They’d had a 25-acre farm where they raised goats. Murderous coyotes Patricia Hawkins with Marsha Brown and Taffy were a huge problem. “We tried everything,” she said. “We got donkeys, longhorns, nothing kept them from killing our goats.” Talking to her banker who also raised goats, she asked the woman how she dealt with the coyote problem. Her banker said, “You need a Great Pyrenees.” Pa G&6&WƖVB( Ē6( Bff&Bw&VB&VVW2( FR&W"6BW"FpBƗGFW"bW2B6RBRF@vVF( B6RvFW'2'WBvVB&Pw&VBFWFW'&VBv7B6FW2G&6v2F&VBB2FBFfg&V6R'BbFRv2W6VB( ג&W"v&VBW2BFRWBWBbFfg&V6W6R6RVVFVBFf7W2wV&FrW"W&B( 6R6B( vPG&VB'WBFBFF( B7Br6Rv2F7WFR'WBvRWfW"7BFW"vBF6FW2Ffgv2w&VBW&FrFpBw&VBV&W"bFRf֖ǒ( ХFV6V'2vG&6( 2W6&@vƖRv2Fv6VBvFFVVFWfVGVǒFRF6V6R&w&W76VBFFPBFB6R6VF( BFWVFVǒ6&Rf BRB6R6BFV"R@fVBvFvƖRF767FVBƗfp6VFW"FBFF( BrWG2ࠥF'7FWfR66Ɩ( vRBGvFw2( G&66B( 6FFb6VƖrFRW6Rv2F@vVBFBǒb6VBfBv@W2f"W"Fw2FRVRv&VvBW"W6Rw&VVBFFR&FFPFw2bFWvBrvFFV"Fw2( ФRbFV"Fw2vBrW7BfRvFFRWrFw2'WBFfgFF( BG&6BW"f֖ǒvW&Rg&F2FfBw&VBRf"FRw&VB&VVW2G&6( 2w&FFVvFW"fVB6WFआW"6v&W.( 2WvǒvFvVBFW BW7B'W&VBW"FrBv2Vǐ&rW6RvFBbBBvV@&RW&fV7B6Rf"FfgG&6FFfgFW"fWBr7W&R6RBVF77VW2FVFW"w&W"FPf֖ǒF7GW&W2vFW"BfǒG&6( 2w&G6G&fRFfgFW Wr( gW'&WfW.( RV7FB7BVǒG&6BvƖRfVBF767FV@Ɨfr6VFW"vVFW&f&Bf"FRf'7BfWrvVV2Ffg( 2Wp7FVB7GW&W2f6V&@G&6fVB6f'BFRvVFvPFBFfgv2BfVB6W6FVVBvR@