Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 59

equally tragic. Having cleaned up a good deal of the frontier mess in the West, he was set to marry and retire to a ranch he’d purchased near Boerne, Texas. The San Antonio Light of Dec. 18, 1883, reported: “It is rumored that General R.S. Mackenzie of this department [military Department of Texas] will on Tuesday next be married to Mrs. [Florida] Sharpe, daughter of Mrs. F.P. Tunstall.” But the wedding bells never rang out for Mrs. Sharpe and the General; a mere two days after the snippet of nuptial gossip published, Mackenzie’s name was back in the news. The San Antonio Light reported in its Dec. 20 issue: “It was a topic of almost universal conversation yesterday concerning the aberration of mind under which General McKenzie [sic], commanding this department, now suffers … He is a gallant gentleman, chivalrous in everything, manly and noble in every attribute which endows his life and record as a civilian. He is remembered with gratitude by the citizens of Texas, and espe- Custer as a cadet cially those exposed on the frontier, because he was always prompt in the saddle and never tangled his spurs in the maze of endless red tape when it became necessary to rally a few years ago into Mexico. There will be one universal and harmonious prayer that General McKenzie [sic] may speedily be himself again.”  Mackenzie’s mental and emotional equilibrium continued to diminish. Some have surmised that the breakdown began when his mother died in Santa Fe during February of 1883, others that the malady resulted from a blow to the head Mackenzie received when thrown g&vvsRFW&F7V7VF'2fR7VvvW7FVBP7VffW&VBg&7Ɨ2vWfW"vfVFR7F2BFR&מ( 0v&V6&BvB2r6ǐ&VfW'&VBF27BG&VF27G&W707G&R6VV2&RW6&PFv62&Vv&FW72FRvVW&( 0&Vf"&V6RW'&F2BFW0fVBBRG&W6W76fVǒBRBRv2&VFVV666W26F7G&VW@BFVBF6'GvVV*fǒFR&גG&6VBЦF&WGW&rFv6wF7FV6&ǒFF67W72&V&v旦FbFRv"FW'FVBvFvVƗ6W&FFR&גvFV@W66RB&fW76BFRƖr6V禖R7FVB`6FVVBvR#Sr6fW"7W"G&fPvVFW&f&BGscrCsS2&VB"R&F"Ó3b7gB27&W0&VWFgV&6R6G27BB7&W2FRvFVBVFFb6fW&FFR'&27W7FfVGW&W26VFR6W&6v72vvFrVFVB6GvFW"B76WFF"Fr&VvFf&W6RWFF"F6VBVFW'FVB&V7W7FvGv&7FVB67&WFRf'2B6VFW'F2F7F6VBvF6Ff6fV6VB&BƗfRG&VW0B66W72F&fFR&B&BG&&Fr&VࠣSSv6&VB&@֖6GCcCR2&VB"&F3b7gBc7&W0vBFvr66V2G&fWv&Vf&R'&frBFR'W7F2&6Rv66G2c7&W2b6G6FRWFW&"fVGW&W26VFR"&vR7F6F2fVBvF&726Ff6B7&Rfr6VBvFfVVB&6GFRv&rV2v&6@7F&vR'VFw2FRg&B#7&W2&R67F&W&VFw&72FVf"w&r"&GV7FvRFR&6C7&W2&R'FǒvFVBvF6V&w2ࠤDT4T$U"#`#CvW7Ff'BG&gBv'FGscsCSSB&VB2R&F"ÃC7gBR7&W0V֖ǒ&V6rss2CC#pV&V6'&vw6g&VV6Р#VƗ2G&fRvVFW&f&BEscC#sR2&VG2"&F2"6"v&vR&VWFgV4$R$$RC27&W2vFBआVfǒG&VVB7&VvR'WB&VBFRR2fBbVvF6G6&W'GvVBRw&VB'6R&W'G֖WFW2g&6r&W7FW&G2`VFW'FVBF6V&V6VFǒWFFVBvFw&FR6VFW"F2W6Rg&W6ǒFV@vF&GvBf'2F&VvWBWr&bVǒ#b67&WFR6"3#bfVWB&V@W6R7W'&VFǒ&VrW6VB27'G26W'B'WB6VB&RVFW6Rࠣ33rwF7G&VWB7VFRCf'Bv'FEscpr#Bcc3@"R"2RBBBrWVBV"VvRVFRvFrfWw2BW&fV7BWVR6WBWP7&W276&ƗGFV6RFFFR#7&W2&VBFRR6WFVǒfV6VB@7&72fV6VBC3&&vF2WR7F2s&Fr&VvFƖvG2cCv&6vFVV7G&2FFF7F&vR6VBVGbG&W"&r&6&B2W&fV7Bf"VFW'FrwVW7G2VvRFV6vFG2bGW&RG&VW2ࠣSp