Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 51

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch BY RICHARD A. FLOREY Marketing Director EcoVantage Energy, inc. www./ Who would have thought that paring modern Solar and Wind power with the farm and ranch industry would be such a match made in heaven? Believe it or not, it was interest in using solar power by the agriculture industry itself that has brought about a bevy of incentives both state and federal. America Program). Note that this is a grant program and applications for these grants are held twice per year. Information on grant availability can be found online. Solar or Wind? As we’ve covered before, wind power in North Texas can be iffy. Wind generators need a steady wind flow of 12 mph minimum and a maximum of 24 mph in order to perform optimally. There are several sites out there that can give you annual wind readings in your area. (See the map inset) Wind Turbines As earthy as farm and ranch work is in our minds, you still need electric power to run wells, light barns and livestock arenas, the list goes on. Some spreads have need for power beyond the reach of the grid and having a power company come and install a new pole just to power a well is just not worth it. Solar well pumps to the rescue! From, “Texas Tax Code Incentives for Renewable Energy” on the State Energy Conservation Office website; “Although the state does not have a tax exemption program at this time that provides funding of renewable energy equipment on an individual basis, there are a few allowable tax exemptions and deductions.” Now You Know So if you’re a farm and ranch owner who’s seeking to reduce costs through alternative energy, now is a great time to do it. We at EcoVantage are here to help you through it, so give us a call at 817-304-0661. DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Texas offers this property tax exemption that allows residents to take an exemption from taxation (using form 50-123) of the amount of the appraised value of the property that arises from the installation or construction of a solar or wind-powered energy device that is primarily for the production and distribution of thermal, mechanical, or electrical energy for on-site use, or devices used to store that energy. “Solar” is broadly defined to include a range of biomass technologies.” Go to the website ( for more information and forms. Federal alternative energy grants are available through the USDA through their REAP (Rural Energy for Reduce That Load! Just a quick reminder to replace your outdoor vapor lights with LED lights. LEDs perform much better in both better light and in energy consumption. Solar Well Pump 49