Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 49

Holiday Treats for your Wild Neighbors Peanut Butter Pine Cones: Spread a mixture of peanut butter and corn meal on the outside of pine or fir cones. Roll them in BirdWise blend or sunflower seed and hang the cones from branches or feeder hooks for an easy bird treat. Fruit and Bagel Ornaments: Cut a bagel in three or four doughnut-shaped slices or choose ring-shaped dried apple, pear or pineapple slices. Spread a mixture of peanut butter and corn meal or softened suet on both sides of the dried fruit or bagels. Sip in sunflower chips, BirdWise seed or FinchWise. Popcorn Garland: Using a sharp needle and heavy thread, string popcorn, peanuts, cranberries, raisins and even bits of suet together in a visually pleasing pattern. Wildlife Tree: Make a cone or pyramid-shaped form of heavy cardboard, plywood or any other building material that is nontoxic to wildlife. Using large nails, attach apples or oranges and decorate to suit your visual taste and their actual taste with holly sprigs, dried cranberries, nuts or other edible treats. Done well, a “tree” can serve as a centerpiece for your table before serving as dinner for the critters. Wildlife Cornucopia: This is about the easiest of all. Fill an old basket, box, planter or just about any container with dried cob corn, dried pumpkin seed, nuts (with shells), berries (dried or fresh), even split winter squash or carrots. Make it available on a low platform, stump or on the ground and wait for the parade to begin. Seed Bell DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 47