Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 32

our art: KRISTEN SOBLE — e l b o S Kristen n O s e z a l B e An artist with deep Inner Fir BY MEL W RHODES Weatherford roots cuts a personal path through the jungle of commercial art while laying down some fun-time colors DECEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY A s long as she can remember, art has been part of her life, a passion. Kristen Soble’s parents noticed early on that she had a knack for it and that it made her, well, happy. So, her toys became easels and paints and brushes — art supplies to nurture the young artist’s inner-fire. Though she has worked in various mediums, for the past halfdozen years’ watercolors have been her forte. But she’s not your typical watercolorist.  “I don’t use a lot of wet-on-wet techniques,” she said. “I usually keep my paper very dry. I like to experiment a lot with ink, as well; so it’s ink then I go over it with watercolors.” The result is very smooth, fluid yet structured art that pleases the eye with faded watery colors laid down on a skeleton of ink. “I’m just not huge into the ‘how we were taught’ kind of water coloring,” she added. She calls her work “whimsical illustration.” In her world of color there are blue whales crowned with rainbows and pink octopuses, a mermaid with flowing lavender hair matching a treasure chest nestled on the ocean floor, the allure of gold shimmering from its cracked lid as a strand of pearls slips out. You’ll also find a fanciful rocket ship blasting off for a mellow yellow Swiss cheese 30 Gator