Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 30

PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY DECEMBER 2016 that line in the sand; you want them Star drew some 15,000 people — Shelly Mowery of Mowery Cutting to hold their ground. It’s basically to incredible given the nearest railroad Horses, one of the early cutting busikeep that cow that you picked and was 50 miles away and spectators had nesses established in Weatherford, separated from the herd from going to come by horse, wagon or hack. joined the NCHA in 1987. She said back to the herd … . That horse is an Eleven riders cut for a $150 prize. proximity to Cowtown has been key athlete.” By the mid-1940s cutting competifor Weatherford and Parker County. During the open range-era, that tions were becoming popular events. “It’s the real estate,” she said. long-gone time before barbed wire The first recorded arena-style specta“… Fort Worth has three major aged and private land use, the cattle of vari- tor’s event involving cutting occurred events — the Futurity in December, ous stockmen often roamed relatively at the 1919 Southwestern Exposition April for the Super Stakes, and in July free, intermingling with other herds, and Fat Stock Show in Fort Worth. there’s what they call the Derby, the necessitating spring and fall cuttings. That year cutting appeared as an exhisummer cutting. Those aged events Cowboys roamed the hills and valbition, the following as a competitive have a lot of not only [name recognileys in X\و]HX\[Z\][ [ۗK]Y\\˸'B]]8&\\X[\[ [[ ]X[HY\[][Xܙ[HKHܛ\H]H\H]HHZ\X\\][[\]\H[\['\][H][ܜH]YB\[]\YZ\ۋۙ][ۜYH][H][š[ۙHوHܛ8&\[^][“و\H[\\HZ[][][]HY[Y[HYY܂\]Z[H][˸'B[HYK[[\[X[[YܛZ]KX^H K NM  L؛\]^x&\˜[[\Y]\]]]H][˜]H L[X[ܜ\\H[\B]\\^x'\x&\]Y\[ۋ]8&\[Y[[[H\H]8&\[ۈ[]وHYB[H^\[[ܝܝY\[[[\]Z[H][[]˜[[ݙYB[\X\YܜHۛH]HH[[ ][[\X][ۈ›X[[[\قHܙX]]H]\œ[\›وHܚ[ܚ]8%] YK\][ܝ[\]ق[Y\\܂ZH[HY]\^\Y[YۈHܜK][ˈ]\^^\ˈ]\\B^Y[[X[][HH[]8&\ZHH[KHܜH\[H[ܙHXYH؛x&\[ق\X][ۋXH[H\HZ[ZX] ^H]] LY[X\[ܜ\XX[ܜ\][[ۜXB\YX\]]\][H[H[[H[[HZ\]¸'[x'H܂]HYY][[ܛ[ ]8&\\X[HY\]][H[Z[\[[[[܈ܚ[˜]K\HH]XY[\\]YHH\H[\\][ۜ¸'H\X[][›ٝY\Xۚ^[˜XH\ ]ܜH\[]]K'HHܛ[X[ܜHZY]B\Y][H%[H[\H܈Hܝ[x&\[]\˜\X][ۋY[X\œ[]]]H]BYYHBY[HBH8'][ۘ[][˜][[ۈوH[\ˈH\[\[\\]H[وHܜH\X][ۋ'B][ܜ\\H[[YY[HܜH]XY\X\\HHY]\][[H[Y\]\^Y\ˈYYY ]]HX\X”\[X\ NM [X[^\ˈ[[]YY^H]\وH [H[[][Hۙ]ܛNMMKH\X][ۈ[[ۙY \K\[\وH[\&\][][\\و NL \Y]\\Hو\]\H[ݙKܚ[\YۈܜXXˈ\BHXYHHYX[؈و\\]\[HXYH]\[ NMH]]8'][ܜ\\H\\H\H ̍][ZܜH\Z[]HX\Y\[]ZX\H][XZ[؜]K'BXYH]['H JB][ۜ[ܛYH8% L \BH^\ٝ[YH\ ['\x&\]Y\[ۋ]8&\[H[\[ۜ\][ˈXܙ][۝[YYۈHX[[BY[[[H\x'H[\HZY 8']8&\š[HHX]KYB[][Y\\Y[H\]][ۋY\[[[\]Z[H][Œ [X[][\H[][ܝ[]H܈Y\]Y\X[˜[]ܜHۛH]HBX[Y^H[[[ ͂X\Y[Y܈Z\^B[[ ][وHܚ›Z[[ۋ[ܚ]8%] YK\[[X[ˈXܙ[HKBHH۝[Y\[X]B\Y\\Y][۝\›ZH[HY]\^\Y[YH][ܜH[Y[YܛBXH[ NN]H؛H][[ۈ[\[ۙ][ۜܚܙX]HBۈHܜK]8&\ZHH[KB[\[[K^\ˈYXYܜH\[H[ܙH[B'][^Z[Y[8'H܈\]]ܜق[H[\][[\]B\HZ[ZX] ^H]˜[\\8%Y[\Y[Y