Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 22

Want a spread that breaks from tradition? Baker’s Ribs can create a feast that is as unique as your family. For something a little different, call Deanna and she’ll customize your menu. The pricing will vary, of course. Hours: Daily 9 am – 9 pm. Wednesday 11/23: 9 am – 5 pm. Closed 11/24. Friday: 10 am – 5 pm. • Short Chef Creations — (817)-594-7000 ​Short Chef Creations has provided catering for 3 years in Weatherford for numerous well-known organizations and highprofile local families and businesses. Named PCT’s Entree Chef of the Year for 2016, Short Chef is a favorite caterer of Weatherford College, Keg 1, City of Weatherford, Parker County Today, Bush Legacy, Auction at Her House, Alice Walton, The U.S. National Guard, Biblical Village, and Capernaum owned by Tammy Lane. They are famous for their Melon Sculptures and creative presentation and superb entrees. If you are looking for an easy catering solution that offers delicious food at an affordable price ܝYܙX][ۜX^B\H][x&\H[܋ܙ[^[H[Z[H][[HH[[[^\Y[K\H\]X]YYHZ[\Hو[ٝ[\B]H[YHܙ[^H][ ]\[x&\Hܙ[^[[\܈H[\HXK[Y[\[[\][[][&BYY[ \[\[ H܈[[[X]H[[ۈ܈[\[[YYX]H[Z[KܝYܙX][ۜ\[Hݙ\Y ][[HY]H^H۸&]\K^x&\H\\H[ PSPT MHHHHVBˈYH\\HHX\\\ۙ\]8&\[\YH[[x&\H\[H]H][\ZY\[[Z\YۚYX[\ˈ\\[Kو\K\]\[[[X[\^[Y[Z[H[^K]HܙHۚYB[HX[Y[[[HۙHو]\[\\[HY[XZ٘\[HYܝ[\\وYH8)] \و[ ]\۸&][\ˈHX[Y[HH\[Y\\H[[HHHB˜˜BBYH]\]YB'ۈH\ܚXX]\ܙ]X\x'BLLKT PUTԑ QH HU LSH H  H8( MMNM M ‚(][B([[&\\¸([\H\\(YHX܂(X\ܚY\‚YHY[XZ٘\ MLNKL JH]ٙ\X[\Y\H[][Hݙ[H][B[HX]]Y[H[\YXX\][Z[8%[X]\ܙ8&\\ܚX\X ]8&\\\X܈]ق[[]H]8&\[H\XXH܈[\\[]^K\\ؘ[ܘ^YKQ^YY[BH\\[\\KZ\YܘXKY][XK[Z\ L^YX\[]Y\›ݙ\ZHYH\B^K [^ X\Y][˜X]]Y[[[H[\Y\ˈ\Y^[ MMML MNH\H\X]\]YH܈[܂[\[[H[x&\HZ[˜\Hو]\[ۙH[KHZH\Hو[\[‘]\][\[ܙH[B[[x&\HX\[BX]]Y[ \[]HY][›]ˈY•\Y^[\[B\X]Z[\[][ۈ[[܈Y]\[x&\H[܈\\[܂H۝[\ܘ\K܈Xܘ]]B\]\H][\ZH[\›܈[܈HXX[]B\ۈ[\\ KH]\H[XZ[œX][\[[Y[ˈ]^B\KHZHX]\\BX\[[]]\^Z\\Hۜ\]]H[\\H[][\Z[[ˈ]HœX[^H][[H۸&][H\\[ۜX][›ZH]\܈[Hۂ[\H[]HYB