Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 21

1. Stop the cleaning madness. Do you clean like you’re preparing to perform surgery in your kitchen? Do you find yourself scrubbing everything from baseboards to ceiling fans in anticipation of entertaining the family? Once your guests arrive, are you too exhausted to enjoy being with them? Don’t do it! Get someone else to do the cleaning for you! We suggest Mop Heads Cleaning Service — 817-692-1031. Mop Heads will make sure you have a house that’s mother-in-law ready, with a surgery-friendly kitchen and a bathroom that’s ready for inspection. A competent and reliable cleaning company, Mop Heads Cleaning Service has been saving hosts and hostesses from stressful entertaining in Parker County for 10 years. Their professionally trained staff and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques have made them a local favorite offering one-time cleaning or regular cleaning appointments. • Baker’s Ribs – (817)-599-3907 Brian and Deanna Krier have the perfect one-stop shop for all holiday catering needs. They have holiday dinners down to a science. Their eatery, Baker’s Ribs offers the basic, traditional holiday dinner each year and many Parker County families have made Baker’s Ribs a big part of their family holiday tradition. They offer a choice of smoked turkeys or their signature smoked ham, accompanied by cornbread dressing, gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and dinner rolls with butter. The package feeds from 10 to 12 people for a scant $130.00 plus tax. Let Us Cater Your Holiday Parties ~ ENTIRE CHRISTMAS DINNERS ~ Fudge Selections • Cheese Trays Christmas Cookies • Pies DECEMBER 2016 Please give us 24 hours notice on holiday orders. 120 College Ave, Weatherford, TX 76086 • 817-594-7000 Tuesday-Saturday 7:30am - 3pm PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 2. Instead of you in there, slaving away, catering to the relatives, have a caterer cater to you. Personally, I blame Martha Stewart for perpetrating the fantasy of a perfectlycooked turkey surrounded by a photogenic sweet potato casserole and green beans shining with butter and fluffy, cloud-like mashed potatoes, topped off by pristine, handmade pie. Here’s the deal: Martha has people, people she pays handsomely to cook and style the food so it comes out looking like a million bucks. You could make your holiday feast a pot-luck affair, but why take the chance on grandma’s Jell-o mold or getting food poisoning from a casserole that has been un-refrigerated for who-knows how long when you could have a beautifully cooked turkey or ham and yummy side dishes without ever having to break a sweat? Why not take a hint from Martha, and pay someone else to do the heavy lifting (or at least some of it)? Here are two local businesses staffed by folks that are as happy to help you as they are talented and proficient. 19